02 November, 2016. Congratulations!!! JTO induction training to the remaining of JTOs-LICE held on 02-06-2013 has commenced. Click for list

27 October, 2016. All DR JEs are hereby requested to apply mass CL on 02 November 2016, showing our protest against non-implementation of 30% Super Annuation Benefits.

27 October, 2016. Message from SNATTA CHQ GS regarding 30% Super Annuation Benefit.
The time has come to fight for our right. To propel our present to a better future we have to be united and work together for the common goal of 30% Super Annuation Benefit. SNATTA invite all the dicrectly recruited comrades, in whatever position or association/union they may belong to, to work uninanimously on a common platform, known as SAB, so that no stone will remain unturned in our path of struggle to secure our future by assuring 30% superannuation benefit. Friends, we have to "Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached"

22 September, 2016. Cabinet approved 1250 crores compensation to BSNL for providing landline service to rural year in the year 2012-13. A victory of united struggle under the banner of forum.

19 September, 2016. CMD BSNL approved Rs.3000/- for payment of PLI (BONUS) to all Employees for the year 2014-15.

19 September, 2016. UNITED FORUM will organise massive hunger strike programme tommorrow on immidiate settlement and redressal of 24 point Charter of Demands. Therefore all SNATTAians are requested to organize and attend the Hunger Strike Programme positively tommorrow.

08 September, 2016. Dharna programme, called on by the United Forum started throughout the country enthusiastically today. SNATTAAP Circle President Sri Shiva Sundar Reddy, Assistant Circle Secretary Sri A Sreenivasa Rao, HTD Circle Secretary Sri Vemulu and Body members Sri Tirupathi, Sri Venkateshwarlu and Sri CD Raju along with BSNL EU participated in the Dharna at the CGM and PGM office today.

01 September, 2016. SNATTA has full support in tommorrow's nation wide strike till further develpoments of situation.Therefore all are requested to support the strike movement in their respective workplaces.

26 August, 2016. Upcoming JTO-LICE is now postphoned to 24-09-2016 as per corporate office directions.

16 August, 2016. Congratulations!!! Hyderabad CAT declared the results of 85 candidates which were under hold from long period.

16 August, 2016. SNATTA is fully supporting the movement of Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations regarding various long pending issues of Non-Executives of BSNL which were not solved by management yet. All JEs of all circles and SSAs are hereby requested to participate whole heartedly in the agitational programmes framed by Forum.
Click here for letter  

16 August, 2016. SNATTA CHQ is in continuous touch with management and persuing hardly to fix the second JTO-LICE exam date to be 28.08.2016 and not deferred further. In this regard we are thankful to BSNLEU for their support of our demand of conducting the LICE as per schedule. Also BSNLEU served a letter to management on the matter.
Click here for letter  

It is a pity that we lost one of ours. Our beloved friend Nallagondla Ashok, 34 years old, working as JE-BSNL at Sathish Dhawan Space Centre was killed in a road accident on sriharikota sullurpeta highway. The accident happened while Ashok was driving on his bike on the highway and suddenly an uncontrolled car hit him at kudiri which left him dead on the spot.This news has made all of us SNATTAians astonished and saddened to the core.
For financial help to his family please transfer to Maddala Pradeep Reddy, SBI account number 20186860497, IFSC SBIN0003238.

02 August, 2016. Management strictly considering JTO-RR 2014 allowing only Pre July 2007 JEs for training and not provisionally eligible candidates.

02 August, 2016. Pre-recruitment training to all eligible under 50% quota of JTO-LICE for 10 days duration was scheduled for SC/ST/Minority/PH candidates at RTTC Hyderabad from 08-08-2016 to 19-08-2016.

29 July, 2016. JEs of 2007 batch who went to training after July 2008 may please be requested to apply upcoming 28-08-2016 JTO-LICE as last date of registration is 31st July 2016
-Sampath kumar CS - SNATTAAP

28 July, 2016. SNATTA CHQ wrote a letter to GM (Rectt) requesting to include all JEs having 2008 recruitment year for upcoming JTO-LICE. 16 June, 2016. JTO LICE notification for vacancy year 2014-15 along with vacancies released.  

22 July, 2016. 2013 LICE review case won and congratulations to all successful candidates. Special thanks to BSNLEU AGS & CS Sampath Rao of AP circle who helped a lot in this issue.

21 July, 2016. SNATTA along with BSNLEU of AP Circle met DGM (admin) Circle office.
SNATTA AP Circle President Sri Shiva Sunder Reddy, Circle Secretary Sri Sampath kumar, Organising Secretary Sri CD Raju, Sri Vaman Rao and Sri Shesu along with BSNLEU AGS & CS Sri Sampath Rao and all India Vice President Sri Ashok babu met DGM (Admin) Circle office to discuss about the current issues of JEs. The DGM replied positively to our issues and results. Thanks to Sri Ashok babu and Sri Sampath Rao for supporting in our every issue.

16 July, 2016. Circle Secretary Sri Sampath kumar called up for a meeting exclusively for 2009 batch.
NCM member Sri Naresh, Circle secretary Sri M Sampath kumar and District secretary Sri Vemulu discussed about the eligibilty to 2009 batch JEs for the upcoming JTO LICE examination. It was concluded that the eligibilty depends on the outcome of the court case filed by 86 JEs. Also the Circle secretary promised that serious efforts will be made to get the eligibilty for 2009 batch JEs.

15 July, 2016. SNATTA and BSNLEU urged Director (HR) to immediately declare the results of all the DR TTAs who appeared the TTA exam before 31.03.2008, and who have been provisionally allowed to appear in the JTO LICE held on 22.05.2016.

08 July, 2016. Congratulations !!! JTO-LICE results for vacancy year 2013-14 declared.
It is happy to announce that Corporate office released results for JTO-LICE vacancy year 2013-14. However, the results of provisionally allowed candidates are not declared as per court directions. District Secretary Sri Sampath kumar assured that serious efforts will be made to get results of the remaining. SNATTA AP Circle expresses heartful congratulations who have passed the examination.

29 June, 2016. Congratulations !!! ERP data is updated with our new "Junior Engineer" designation in place of "TTA".

16 June, 2016. JTO LICE notification for vacancy year 2014-15 along with vacancies released. Click here for letter  

16 June, 2016. Revision of TTA(now JE) induction training structure and syllabus. Click here for letter  

03 June, 2016. JTO LICE notification for vacancy year 2014-15 begins.
It is happy to announce that Corporate office instructed second JTO-LICE notification procedure i.e, for vacancy year 2014-15, today as per the schedule promised.
Click here for letter  

03 June, 2016. Management committee agreed to upgrade E1A to E2.
It is a good news as the management committee agreed to upgrade the existing intermediatory scales E1A to E2, E2A to E3 protecting 5 year promotions. Also upgrading E3 to E4, E4 to E5, E6 to E7 is agreed. The proposals agreed will be sent to DoT instead of BSNL board for approval. SNATTA AP circle expresses thanks to our CMD for the assurance gi ven on the above proposals.

21 May, 2016. Directions to JTO-LICE exam centers.
spoorthy college                 brilliant college  

Good luck !!!!

18 May, 2016. Relieving order mandatory to attend the JTO LICE exam.
As per the instructions from circle office, all JEs who are going to write the exam are requested to obtain their relieving order tomorrow (as saturday is a holiday) from their higher official. Those who are already on any leave, may make arrangements to join the office tomorrow and procure the relieving order.

18 May, 2016. Instructions from corporate office on upcoming JTO LICE. Click for letter.  
18 May, 2016. Case in Hon’ble CAT, Ernakulam on JTO LICE.
A case has been filed in the Hon’ble CAT, Ernakulam Bench, in connection with the forthcoming JTO LICE to be held on 22.05.2016. In response the the case filed, Sri. Sunil Gautam, Dy.GS, SNATTA along with Sri. P. Abhimanyu, GS BSNLEU, and Sri. Swapan Chakraborty, Dy.GS BSNLEU met Ms. Madhu Arora, GM (Estt.), today and urged her to give appropriate guideline to the Kerala circle administration, so that the case is properly defended by BSNL’s counsel when it comes up for hearing tomorrow. The GM (Estt.), assured to do the needful.

18 May, 2016. SNATTA and BSNLEU met GM (Rect.) to issue revised guideline for review of the results of the JTO LICE 2013.
Sri. Sunil Gautam, Dy.GS, SNATTA along with Sri. P. Abhimanyu, GS BSNLEU and Sri. Swapan Chakraborty, Dy.GS BSNLEU, met Ms. Anima Roy, GM (Rectt.), today, and once again insisted to issue revised guideline for the review of the results of JTO LICE 2013, by granting additional marks to questions with more than one correct answer. The representatives also insisted to issue the letter to the CGMs expeditiously, in view of the forthcoming JTO LICE to be held on 22.05.2016. The GM (Rectt.), assured to do the needful.

18 May, 2016. SNATTA and BSNLEU met GM (Rect.) to demand removal of negative marking in the upcoming JTO LICE.
SNATTA and BSNLEU have already appealed to the Corporate Management to hold the JTO LICE without Negative Marking. Adding to that appeal, on 16 May 2016, Sri Sunil Gautam, Dy. GS, SNATTA along with Sri Swapan Chakraborty, Dy. GS, BSNLEU met Ms.Anima Roy, GM(Rect.) and discussed the issue. They strongly demanded that the forthcoming JTO LICE should be held without Negative Marking. The GM(Rect.) replied that the matter would be looked into and also pointed out that this is a policy issue, hence a decision could be only taken by the competent authority.

15 May, 2016. Ramanatha reddy (JE) Ananthapur along with Tadipatri team saved 84 lakhs to our department.
Ramanatha Reddy JE Ananthapur along with the entire Tadipatri team got an appreciation award from Sr DGM for shifting of 2000 lines from RSU to MBM exchange, saving 84 Lakhs of operation expenditure to our department. Last year ATP SSA incurred 8 crore loss and surprisingly for 2015-16 it generated 21 crores profit. Click for image  

12 May, 2016. Congratulations TTAs !!!! Corporate office finally awarded JE designation to TTAs after a long long delay.
It is a good news after all as the corporate office, with a prolonged delay, finally declared in a letter to call us "Junior Engineers". Well other designations have also been updated:

Telecom Technical Assistant :. Junior Engineer

Sr. Telecom Operating Assistant :
Office Superintendent (in NE11 & 12 scale)
Assistant Office Superintendent (in NE9 & 10 scale)
Senior Office Associate (in NE7 & 8 scale)

Telecom Mechanic : Telecom Technician
Regular Mazdoor : Assistant Telecom Technician

12 May, 2016. Results of 7th membership verification declared. BSNLEU wins the competition.
It is the 6th consecutive victory of BSNLEU with a massive majority in the membership verification. Congratulations to BSNLEU !!!!! Click here for election results  

07 May, 2016. Mass election campaigning at BSNL Bhavan, Telephone Bhavan and Gowliguda - Hyderabad.
A massive 7th verification campaign held at BSNL Bhavan, Hyderabad on 5th may 2016. Sri. V.NARESH SNATTA-CHQ, Sri. T.Sampath kumar CS SNATTA-AP, Sri. Ashokbabu BSNLEU CHQ vice president, Sri. Sampath Rao BSNLEU CHQ - AGS, Sri Taranath BSNLEU-AP-ACS, Sri. Mohan Reddy BSNLEU-HTD-DS addressed the meeting and explained the importance of electing BSNLEU as single majority union. Sri. Nagababu- CC-SNATTA-AP, Sri K.Vemulu, DS-SNATTA-HTD were also present in the meeting.

07 May, 2016. Mass election campaigning at BSNL Bhavan, Telephone Bhavan and Gowliguda - Hyderabad.
A massive 7th verification campaign held at BSNL Bhavan, Hyderabad on 5th may 2016. Sri. V.NARESH SNATTA-CHQ, Sri. T.Sampath kumar CS SNATTA-AP, Sri. Ashokbabu BSNLEU CHQ vice president, Sri. Sampath Rao BSNLEU CHQ - AGS, Sri Taranath BSNLEU-AP-ACS, Sri. Mohan Reddy BSNLEU-HTD-DS addressed the meeting and explained the importance of electing BSNLEU as single majority union. Sri. Nagababu- CC-SNATTA-AP, Sri K.Vemulu, DS-SNATTA-HTD were also present in the meeting.

15 April, 2016. Last date extended upto 22-04-2016 for the eligible candidates of 2007 batch.
The remaining TTAs of 2007 batch who were made eligible with the recent clarification from Corporate office, have got an extension in application date. Application submission or application changes for the above said may complete their submission by 22-04-2016.

12 April, 2016. Congratulations!!! Corporate office allows all DRTTAs of 2007 batch to upcoming JTO(T)exam on 22-05-2016.
In response to the court cases filed to consider eligibility of post July trained TTAs, Corporate office allows all TTAs of 2007 batch. So, all the TTAs of 2007 batch whose training began after 1st of July 2008 are now eligible for the upcoming JTO(T) exam on 22-05-2016. Eligible candidates, those haven't applied yet, do hurry up and apply without delay as the registration closes on 14-04-2016.

    Click here to Apply JTO(T) / JAO
08 April, 2016. Last date for both JTO(T)-LICE and JAO-LICE online applications extended to 14-04-2016.

08 April, 2016. Corporate office agreed to count pre-appointment training as regular service.
achievement from SNATTA. Corporate office now considers the training period as regular service. Hence those who are applying for the LICE are eligible for service condition from the Date of Joining.

15 March, 2016. JTO(T) LICE Online registrations begins today !!!
All the best to 2013-14 eligible candidates as the online registrations is scheduled to start today.
website: http://www.internalbsnlexam.com  

12 March, 2016. JTO LICE coaching to begin at ACE Engineering Academy from 19 March 2016.
It was decided to go for ACE Engineering Academy for JTO LICE coaching. Priced at 15000 per student, Coaching begins from 19 March 2016 and early at 6am to 12pm including sundays till end of March. In the month of April the coaching is offered full time. Interested candidates please contact Sri vemulu and register your name.
Hostel facility for ladies and non-locals is also available.

ACE ENGINEERING ACADEMY: 040-24750242 / 24750263 / 24752469 / 24750437
District Secretary (Vemulu) : 9493979179

11 March, 2016. Eligibility will be calculated with reference to Date joining (not date of appointment) for JTO LICE.

10 March, 2016. Change in online registration dates.
The Corporate office issued a letter on change in registration dates as given below
Online registrations
to begin on : 15 March 2016
to close on : 07 April 2016
Date of JTO LICE: 22 May 2016
Date of JAO LICE: 17 July 2016

04 March, 2016. Good news DRTTAS!!! JTO LICE notification for vacancy years 2013-14 just released !!!

01 March, 2016. Congratulations DRTTAs!!! Corporate office released a model notification based on the Hon'ble CAT, Jodhpur decision.
Based on the decision given by the Hon'ble CAT, Jodhpur bench, BSNL Corporate office moved forward to conduct the JTO LICE by releasing the model notification, to be issued by the circles, in advance along with time schedule. The dates finalized are:

Online registrations
to begin on: 10 March 2016
to close on: 31 March 2016

Date of LICE for promotion to JTO (T) : 22 May 2016

JTO LICE dates anticipated for vacancy years
2013-14 : 22 May 2016
2014-15 : 28 August 2016
2015-16 : 27 November 2016

Click here for letter.  

01 March, 2016. JTO LICE should be conducted corresponding to year wise vacancies - The Hon'ble CAT, Jodhpur.

27 February, 2016. As per Corporate office instructions, JTO(officiating) directed to report as TTAs in their units after training. Click here for letter  

26 February, 2016. CEC meeting of SNATTA AP circle held at Musheerabad. Click here for details  

17 February, 2016. Exam/recruitment calendar 2016-17.  Click here  

17 February, 2016. Due to court case filed on JTO-LICE the coaching planned is now post poned till further notice.

16 February, 2016. Guidelines on RR of TTA-2014.  Click here for letter.  

12 February, 2016. A court case filed against conducting JTO-LDCE.
A court case was filed before CAT, Jodhpur Bench on the issue of holding LDCE for three vacancy years on a single date resulting to the LDCE to keep on hold.
 Click here for letter.  

11 February, 2016. JTO-LICE coaching regarding non-hyderabad students.
All non-hyderabad students who are willing to opt coaching in Ace academy are hereby requested to make necessary arrangements to join on or before 29 February 2016. Especially for non-hyderabad students who join at the last date, on 29 February, classes which have been completed before the last date will be repeated.

10 February, 2016. JTO-LICE coaching finalized.
Today a meeting was called up by Circle Secretary Sri. Sampath Kumar and District Secretary Sri. Vemulu to discuss and finalize the opinion on coaching centres and finally came up with a sophisticated conclusion. The JTO LICE coaching centre was decided as "ACE Engineering Academy" at abids and begins between 22 to 29 February with a duration of 45 days @ 7 AM. Circle and District secretary approached the Ace academy director through other known sources to negotiate the fees to the least possible viz., Rs. 15000/- per head.
The coaching centre was chosen as they are providing coaching by most experience faculty, coaching materials according to JTO LICE syllabus, topic wise and overall online grand tests for practice. Hence it is requested to all the TTAs, who are willing to join into the coaching may please register their names by contacting our district or circle secretary as soon as possible because it is only one batch with limited seats available.

Contact details:
ACE ENGINEERING ACADEMY: 040-24750242 / 24750263 / 24752469 / 24750437
Circle Secretary (Sampath Kumar) : 9494194899 District Secretary (Vemulu) : 9493979179

04 February, 2016. Vijayanagaram SSA DRTTAs contributed Rs. 4500/- towards SNATTA AP legal fund.

31 January, 2016. JTO LICE coaching.
The board members of SNATTA AP and HTD circle called up for a meeting on 28 January 2016. In the meeting, it was decided to arrange for an intensive coaching to be conducted by a reputed institute in Hyderabad for scoring in upcoming JTO LICE. All those who are interested to join the coaching may please contact the Circle Secretary Sri. Sampath Kumar on 9494194899 and Hyderabad District Secretary Sri. Vemulu on 9493979179 for details on coaching centre, timings, fees and other information.
It is humbly requested to contact the above mentioned personnel as soon as possible for effective calculation of schedules and costs for coaching.

28 January, 2016. Congratulations DRTTAs!!! Recruitment branch gave a green signal to LICE of JTO (T)
It is a great day to us as all our efforts did finally show up today as a letter from recruitment branch describing the schedule of LICE JTO(RR) notification along with time schedule:

Date of issuance of notification by the circles - 15/02/2016
Online registration to begin on - 22/02/2016
Registration to close on - 22/03/2016
Date of holding JTO (T) LICE - 08/05/2016

The JTO (T) LICE is going to be conducted through online examination method in a centralized manner.
Click here for the letter    Click here for JTO LICE syllabus  

15 January, 2016. BSNL started 4G services on non-commercial basis.
Sri Anupam Srivastava, the CMD, launched 4G service in Chandigarh on Wednesday. It is so far non-commercial service as is open to limited number of BSNL employees and customers can visit to experience the 4G service. Click here for details.  

12 January, 2016. Notification of JTO (Electrical) LDCE under 20% quota. Click here for letter.  

04 January, 2016. Corporate office issued a pre notification letter on JTO(T)-LICE.
Corporate Office issued a Pre Notification letter regarding JTO(LICE) under 50% internal quota.We consider this a success of Meeting between DIR(HR) and GM (Estt.) and our SNATTA Core team.We congratulate GS,President,Dy GS and AGS SNATTA and also entire SNATTA family for their rigorus effort towards conducting the JTO(LICE).

03 January, 2016. Income tax department to refund Rs. 10,000 crores to BSNL.
The CMD of BSNL, Sri Anupam Srivastava, in a meeting at BSNL Corporate Office on 01 January 2016, declared that Income tax Dept has collected Rs. 10,000 crore in excess as the BSNL accounts are not reconciled by the DoT during the past 15 years and also as a first instalment, BSNL is about to get a mere Rs. 891 crore. The Secretary of DoT promised that the DoT would look after the accounts of BSNL reconciled pretty soon.

03 January, 2016. 4.5% increase in IDA with effect from 01 January 2016.

03 January, 2016. DRTTAs of Karimnagar SSA contributed Rs. 10,000/- towards legal fund.
SNATTA AP expresses its thanks to Ch. Viswanath, M. Nagender, G. Ravindar, M.ravi, K. Suman, L. Ashok Kumar, K. Thirupathi, P. Suman, B. Raju Naik, S. Rajaiah, K. Raju, Ch. Jyothi, K. Ravi Kumar, K. Mahipal for their contribution.

27 November, 2015. Good luck to nine ex-servicemen who are going to JTO training at Mysore which begins from 30 November 2015.  

27 November, 2015. Exam/recruitment calender 2015-16.  

26 November, 2015. DoT released USOF Subsidy of Rs.1,250 Crore for BSNL.
DoT released USOF Subsidy of Rs.1,250 Crore for BSNL for year 2012-13. This is in lieu of ADC, which was stopped earlier. Although the amount was allotted by the USOF two years back, it was not paid to BSNL on flimsy grounds.

25 November, 2015. BSNL in operational profit !!!
It is good to know that all collective efforts resulted in a whopping 672 crores operational profit compared to 649 crores loss in the past year. Click here for details.  

A happy Diwali to our CMD, Sri Anupam Srivastava. Click here for message.  

09 November, 2015. Settlement of medical claims at CGHS rates.
Corporate office advised to not restrict the outdoor medical expenditure at CGHS rates considering the fact that the rates may vary from city to city. The corporate office even mentioned that the restrictions to outdoor medical expenditure is annual ceiling and cost of food supplements as per guidelines and for indoor medical treatments the restrictions are no upper ceiling and settlement of claims at CGHS rates.

09 November, 2015. Congratulations!!! Service condition reduced to 5 years to apply for JAO.
It is happy to announce that the JAO RR 2001 is amended with the reduced service condition of 5 years for BSNL Group-C.

28 October, 2015. Guntur SSA contributed Rs. 8,000/- towards legal fund.

28 October, 2015. Regularization of officiating JTOs is in progess.

17 October, 2015. Corporate Office to expedite the JTO RR 2014.
Corporate Office issued a letter to all Heads of Telecom Circles to initiate regularization of officiating JTOs as per the provisions in JTO(T) RR 2014. Also, it has been directed to calculate JTO Vacancies under 50% Departmental quota as on 31.03.2016.

Click here for letter  

17 October, 2015. Extra increment to the left out Non-Executives was accepted in National Council Meeting .

17 October, 2015. DRTTAs of Srikakulam SSA contributed Rs. 3,000/- towards legal fund.
SNATTA AP expresses its thanks to Sri H. Suryanarayana, Sri G. Sreehari, Sri. K. Chandrasekhar, Sri. N. Rama rao, Sri P. Srikanth and Sri A. Tejeswara rao for their contribution.

14 October, 2015. Congratulations DR TTAs!!! Finally JTO RR 2014 is agreed.

11 October, 2015. A well organised and a good meetup with 2014 freshers!!!
The meeting was conducted by the HTD body members. It begun with a prayer from Sri. PVSN Murthy. Former Circle President Sri. M. Sudheer Kumar and Former Circle Secretary Sri. K. Suresh attended the meeting along with our Circle President Sri. V. Narsingha Rao, District President PVSN Murthy, Circle Secretary Sri. M. Sampath kumar, District Secretary Sri Vemulu, NCM member V. Naresh and Circle co-ordinator Nagababu.
Various issues were explained by them and eventually cleared the doubts raised. Freshers were much more dynamic on stage. Even a body of 2014 batch was formed eventually.

Surprisingly, for the first time in AP circle, two lady members stood up to join into our association. SNATTA AP expresses its warm welcome to them along with the others into our association.

09 October, 2015. A get togther with newly recruited DRTTAs of HTD.
A freshers party is arranged for the post 2009 DRTTAs on 11 October 2015 at Vasavi club AC auditorium, opposite to Sunshine theatre near telephone bhavan. The event starts at 10 am. All DRTTAs of HTD are requested to participate in the event.

06 October, 2015. Lunch hour demonstration on paymen of Adhoc PLI.
Circle Secretary Sri. Sampath Kumar attended the lunch hour demonstration demanding immediate payment of Adhoc PLI with other unions and associations.

05 October, 2015. Congratulations !!! JTO LICE results of Ex-servicemen have been declared.
SNATTA AP congratulates SNATTA AP Circle President Sri. V. Narasinga Rao, District President Sri. P. Suryanarayana Murthy, Sri. N. Hema Bhushana Raju, Sri. B. Sreenivas, Sri. N.E.C. Vidyasagar, Sri. K. Sreenivasa Rao, Sri. P. Suresh Kumar, Sri. N. Nalini Mohan and Sri. Shaik Muneer Ahmed who are qualified as JTOs.

01 October, 2015. A historic quindecennial achievement of our beloved BHARATH SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED!!!!!!
Today our beloved BSNL has completed 15 years of journey in Telecommunications. On this auspicious occasion, SNATTA AP Circle expresses its warm greetings to all the employees of BSNL who did put their efforts for its survival. Let us make the glory of BSNL even brighter in the future!!!!

!!!!! HAPPY BSNL DAY !!!!!

01 October, 2015. NCM meeting going to be held on 16 th October 2015.

01 October, 2015. DRTTAs of Medak SSA contributed Rs. 10,000/- towards legal fund.

30 September, 2015. 5.3% increase in IDA with effect from 01 October 2015.

22 September, 2015. SNATTA HTD body meeting held at Asman Mahal.
SNATTA AP Circle Secretary Sri. Sampath Kumar called up the HTD body members for a meeting to discuss about the fund collection and get together with 2014 direct recruites.

22 September, 2015. DRTTAs of KADAPA SSA contributed Rs. 9000/- towards legal fund.
SNATTA AP expresses its thanks to Sri N.Nandasukumar Reddy, Sri.P.Venkateswar Reddy, Smt. T.Renuka, Sri P.Hemantha Kumar, Sri T.Jayarami Reddy, Sri L.Janardhan Reddy, Sri K.Hari Prasad, Sri P.Muni Prasad, Sri V.Hari Prasad, Sri N.Nagaraju, Sri T.GANGADHAR REDDY, Sri G.BABA MYSURA REDDY, Sri V.ROUSHAN JAMEER, Sri T.VEERENDRA REDDY, Sri B.SUNEEL KUMAR, Sri Y.SYAM KUMAR, Sri N.NAGARAJU, Sri RAMMOHAN, Smt. RAMYA, Sri. SIVA SAMBA SHIVUDU for their contribution.

22 September, 2015. New body formation of SNATTA at Nalgonda SSA .
The General body meeting of the SNATTA of NALGONDA SSA was held under the president ship of Sri K.PRAMOD KUMAR. Sri CH.MALLIKARJUN, District Secretary of the SNATTA, NALGONDA attended the meeting.

Click here for the body members  

22 September, 2015. Happy to announce that our SNATTA AP website crossed ONE LAKH visitors!!!

22 September, 2015. A sum of Rs. 17000/- contributed by Warangal SSA towards SNATTA legal fund.

21 September, 2015. SNATTA District conference of Medak SSA.
Under the President ship of Sri Yadagiri, District conference held at Medak. District Secretary Sri. Dharmendar along with Circle secretary Sri. Sampath kumar along with Assistant Circle Secretary Sri. Muthyam discussed about current issues prevailing in the conference.

Click here for photos  

21 September, 2015. JTO LICE results of Ex-servicemen expected this week.

18 September, 2015. Congratulations!!! JTO RR approved by the Board.
The Board approved JTO RR in the meeting today reducing the service condition to 5 years. Also the officiating JTOs will be regularized as per RR.

SNATTAAP on behalf of all its members heartfully appreciates all those who helped to achieve the JTO RR.

8 September, 2015. SNATTA AP legal fund collection.
All DRTTAs of AP Circle are hereby requested to contribute for SNATTA AP legal fund. Please contact your local treasurers / area co-ordinators for the same.

2 September, 2015. A successful outcome of the strike.
The result of the strike against the anti-worker policies was successful. SNATTA AP Circle Secretary Sri. Sampath Kumar participated in the strike at Gowliguda and conveyed greetings to the TTAs for their support.

1 September, 2015. General strike on 2nd September against Central Government anti-worker policies.
A call was given by the Central Trade Unions and various independent Trade Union Federations for All India General Strike on 2nd September 2015 to join the struggle against anti-worker polices of the Central Government.
SNATTAAP whole heartedly extends its support on this issue.

15 August, 2015. SNATTA AP Circle wishes you all a happy 69th Independence Day.

12 August, 2015. TRS MP Kavitha supporting BSNL in Parliament.
TRS MP Smt. K Kavitha has requested Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad for a larger role to government-run Telecom service BSNL in Modi government's Rural Infrastructure Development plan. SNATTA AP expresses heartful thanks for their support and concern towards BSNL.

12 August, 2015. Lunch hour demonstration on denying the decision of dividing BSNL.
All Unions altogether opposed the decision made by the Government on formation of a subsidiary company for cell towers in BSNL in the Lunch hour. Circle Secretary Sri. Sampath Kumar along with comrade Sri. Krishna Prasad protested on behalf of SNATTA.

12 August, 2015. Karimnagar SNATTA District conference.
District conference of SNATTA Karimnagar SSA was successfully conducted by Karimnagar DRJEs. SNATTA Circle Secretary Sri. Sampath Kumar, Circle Vice President Sri. Ravi, Assistant Circle Secretary Sri. Muthayam, District President Sri. M. Ravi, Vice Presidents Sri. Thirupathi and Smt. Jyothi, District Secretary Sri. G. Ravindar, Assitant District Secretaries Sri. Vinay Kumar, Smt. Padmavathi, Treasurers Ch. Viswanath and L. Ashok Kumar, District Executive member K. Ravi Kumar and Mahipal along with Media incharge Sri. Manoj organised the meeting.

Click here for photos  

11 August, 2015. EPF coverage for pre-induction training period to BSNL recruitees.

  08 August, 2015. SNATTA Karimnagar District conference on 09 August 2015.
A District level conference of Karimnagar SSA is going to be held on upcoming Sunday i.e., on 09 August 2015 at TNGOs Hall, near Two Town Police Station, Karimnagar. All direct recruitees of Karimnagar SSA are requested to join the event and make it a success.

  08 August, 2015. Board of Directors meeting will commence on 10 August 2015.

31 July, 2015. Legal fund collected by Tirupathi SSA.
Second and third instalments towards SNATTA AP fund was collected by Tirupathi SSA. SNATTAAP thanks R.Pratap Reddy (Chittoor), Srinivasulu Reddy STR (Chittoor), Dinesh (Chittoor), Vinayak (Chittoor), Hemanath (Chittoor), Madhavi (Chittoor), Divya (Chittoor), Sudharani (Tirupati), Srikar (Vadamalapeta), T.Prasad (Tirupati), N.Sai Charan (Punganuru), N.Venkataramana (Punganuru), B.Anil (Satyavedu), kiran (satyavedu), srilakshmi (satyavedu), K.Siva Rao (Chandragiri), Siva (Padmavathipuram), Sathish CRC (Tirupati), Sri Vidya (Kandulavaripalli), Rajanikanth (Aragonda),S.Venkatesh (Padmavathipuram) and R. Sreedhar Reddy for their contribution towards legal fund.

28 July, 2015. Congratulations!!! Designation committee meeting was a success. TTAs are going to be JUNIOR ENGINEERS.
The Designation committee has finally put an end to the long pending issue of changing the designations of Non-Executives. The management agreed to award the Designation of TTAs as JUNIOR ENGINEERS at last. Congratulations to all the TTAs.
SNATTA conveys heartful thanks for all the efforts from the unions and TTAs who helped to acheive this today.

Click here for minutes  

28 July, 2015. A tragic demise of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.
A Bharath ratna, a former President, often known as a "Missile Man" of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam died on the evening of 27 July 2015. He collapsed while delivering a lecture on 'Livable Planet' at Indian Institute of Management Shillong. On around 6.30 pm, Kalam, was wheeled into Bethany hospitals' ICU in a critical condition but he was confirmed dead after more than two hours he was taken to the hospital.

28 July, 2015. Designations committee meeting will be held at 11 am today.
Change in the designation names for the TM and RM had already been agreed. Today, new designations for the cadres Sr. TOA and TTA will be discussed. A decision is expected to be taken by the committee today. Once concluded, orders may be issued with the new designations to the four cadres.
We shall hope for a better outcome of this meeing today.

27 July, 2015 Minutes of SNATTA CEC meeting held on 05 July 2015 at New Delhi.

13 July, 2015 Message from SNATTA CHQ General Secretary Shri Anup Mukherjee.
Dear all friends,

Congrats all of you for having this great achievement..! Its a total SNATTA effort. Along with that we want to give many thanks to BSNLEU and NFTE leadership for giving their king and gradual co-operation.Please implement it in each and every circle with full effort. For any kinds of problem contact with SNATTA/CHQ, we will be always here for all and every types of coordination.

I have talk to both GS (EU & NFTE) now and request to fight again for the 30% fitment or pay disparity issue just after having this increment on our pay slip with arrears. They agreed. Here We need the calculated data again. Please calculate it and send it to SNATTACHQ mail as early as possible. GS/EU personally told me about his eagerness about taking issue issue again on table and requested to give the whole data within this week. So please co-operate.

Designation committee meeting will be held on 28th of this month , So expect for a new and exciting good news soon.


Thanks and Regards
For all SNATTACHQ leadership

13 July, 2015. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Corporate Office issued letter for one advance increment to TTAs appointed between 01-01-2007 and 07-05-2010.
As approved by the BSNL Board, in its meeting held on 19.06.2015, the BSNL Corporate Office has issued letter today, for granting one advance increment to the TTAs, who were appointed between 01.01.2007 and 07-05-2010. The increment will be given with arrears. The arrears will be paid in the salary of August 2015. SNATTAAP congratulates all the TTAS who will be benefited from this order. Click here for the BSNL Corporate Office letter.

13 July, 2015. Death intimation of our dear comrade Ch.Y N V L Ayyappa.
This is to inform with deep regret that our dear comrade, TTA YNVL Ayyappa has succumbed to death while battling injuries he sustained during a bike accident. He was a direct recruitee from the latest batch of 2014 and was working as TTA Veeravasaram Groups, ELURU SSA. We all pray to almighty to grant him peace in death and patience to his family in these testing times.

04 July, 2015. AP Circle SNATTA fund collection

All DRTTAs are hereby requested to contribute fund towards SNATTA AP circle. Co-ordinators and body members are requested to help collecting the amounts and provide their information. SNATTA AP thanks all the contributers for their invaluable co-operation towards the association.

04 July, 2015. Legal fund collected by Tirupathi SSA.

The first instalment towards SNATTA legal fund Rs. 4500/- has been collected by Tirupathi SSA. Names of the contributers are given below:

District President Hema Bhushan Raju, Balakrishna, Ramachandra(kalikiri), Uday (madanapalli), K. Prakash (madanapalli), Anand (madanapalli), Siva (vayalpadu), D. Sampath, Praveen, Lavanya, P. Mallikarjuna (Renigunta), Gurumurthy (Pakala), Eswar, Ramanjulu naik (madanpalli), Lokesh.B (kothakota) and Rahamtulla.

Thanks to all TTAs of Tirupathi SSA for their valuable contribution.

01 July, 2015. IDA raised to 2.1% w.e.f. 01 July 2015, i.e., from 100.5% to 102.6%.

25 June, 2015. Increment for post 2007 direct recruited TTAs.

One extra increment issued by the board in its meeting held on 19 June 2015.

24 June, 2015. Principal Central Administrative Tribunal, New Delhi, Issued interim directives on declaration of result of JTO-LICE 2013 for ESM candidates.

24 June, 2015. Gujarat Circle office declared the result of JTO LICE 2013 of Ex-servicemen candidates.

04 June, 2015. Inviting opinions from all TTAs on the agenda of the CEC meeting.

SNATTAAP invites opinions and views of TTAs on the agenda of the the CEC meeting . Views/opinions may be sent to snattaap@gmail.com
Click here for the CEC meeting agenda.

04 June, 2015. CEC meeting and management meeting on 05/07/2015

It has been decided by SNATTACHQ to conduct a CEC meeting and Management Meeting on Dated 05/07/2015(Sunday) and 06/07/2015(Monday) respectively at Delhi. All Circles are requested to make it convinient to attend the said Meeting in this crucial phase of our movement.
Click here for the note

02 May, 2015: Note on talks held between the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations and the Secretary, DoT, on 01-05-2015, regarding demands of the 2 day strike, held on 21st and 22nd April, 2015.

All the Unions and Associations that took part in the 2 day strike participated in the talks. Shri Rakesh Garg, Secretary, DoT, Ms.Reeta Teotia, Special Secretary, DoT, shri Uma Shankar, Joint Secretary, DoT, Ms.Annie Moress, Member (Finance) and shri N.K.Gupta, Member (Services) participated from the DoT. BSNL Management was represented by shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD BSNL, Ms.Sujatha Ray, Executive Director (Finance) and shri Shameem Akhtar Sr.GM(SR). The following are the important issues that were discussed. It was very evident from the discussion, that our 2 day strike has created very good impact on the government.

Click here for the note

27 April, 2015: The 32nd NCM meeting postponed to 14.05.2015

The 32nd meeting of National Council, which was earlier scheduled to be held on 28.04.2015, will now be held on 14.05.2015 at 11:00 hrs in the conference hall, 9th floor, Bharath Sanchar Bhavan, New Delhi.

22 April, 2015: Massive two day clean-sweep strike by the entire employee strata of BSNL

Massive two day clean-sweep strike came to an end. Each and every circle reported a hugely successful strike and almost 100% participation on both strike days. This shows the dedication of the entire BSNL employee strata cutting across executives and non-executives to save BSNL.

21 April, 2015: Day one of "Save BSNL" strike conducted successfully

Day one of the massive "Save BSNL" strike called by the joint forum of all executive and non-executive unions and associations was conducted with huge success all over India. Many circles including AP reported that strike was observed by almost 100% of the employees.

20 April, 2015: Strike to be held 21 and 22 April,2015 by all BSNL unions and associations

The Forum meeting took place at 1100 hrs today at New Delhi. The meeting unanimously decided to go ahead with the two strike, and to make it a total success. Strike will start at 0000 hrs on 21.04.2015 and will continue up to 2400 hrs on 22.04.2015. It will be a stay out strike. On both the days, powerful demonstrations should be organised outside offices, in which all the employees should participate. SNATTAAP urges all its members to participate in the strike and make it a huge success

14 April, 2015: SNATTAAP pays it's respectful homage to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

SNATTAAP joins the nation to pay it's respectful homage to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, on the occasion of his 125th birth anniversary. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, one of the greatest sons of India, is the chief architect of The Constitution of India. It is needless to state that it is the strong foundation, that is laid down in the Constitution, still helps India to be a democratic nation. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, throughout his life relentlessly fought for social justice for the Dalits. While paying our homage to Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, we also pledge to work to achieve his unfinished goals.

04 April, 2015:A Circle level convention of all Unions and associations held in Hyderabad on 01 April, 2015.

The AP Circle Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations conducted a successful convention on "Save BSNL", on 1.4.2015 at Hyderabad. 500 delegates from all unions and associations attended the convention. Com Ch.Chandrasekhara Rao CS NFTE presided. Com P.Asokababu Vice President (CHQ) BSNLEU, in his address, explained in detail about the policies of the government that resulted in losses to BSNL and how the Modi Government is refusing the payment of amounts due to be paid by it to BSNL. He detailed how Modi government is intensifying implementation of pro-corporate, anti worker policies and the necessity for the working class to unify and oppose them. He told that the two day strike on 21-22 April should be made successful to see that the Government comes down to settle the demands raised by the Forum for saving BSNL. Com P.Padmanabha Rao Joint Secretary(South) SNEA, Com.K.Anjaiah Secretary (CHQ) NFTE, Com J.Saibaba AGS(E) AIBSNLEA, Com A.Ganesh President (CHQ) BTEU, Com Com B.Lakshman Vice President(CHQ) AIGETOA, Com Ch. Venkateswarlu CS, FNTO, Com M.Sampath Kumar CS SNATTA have addressed. A resolution was adopted unanimously, appealing to all the executives and the non-executives in the circle to fully participate in the two day strike.

Click here for the resolution approved by the Convention
Click here to view the Slideshow of convention

04 April, 2015: Congratulations to Sri Dharmender, Dist Secretary, Medak on receiving "VISHISHT SANCHAR SEVA PADAK"

A hearty congratulations to Sri Dharmender, Dist Secretary,SNATTA Medak on receiving "VISHISHT SANCHAR SEVA PADAK" from Sr. General Manager Sri Arun Kumar Sahu

Click here for photo

22 March, 2015: Circle level convention on "Save BSNL" by all BSNL Unions / Associations

Forum of all BSNL Unions and Associations decided to conduct Circle level convention on "Save BSNL" at Asman Mahal auditorium, Telecom staff quarters, Hyderabad on 01 April 2015. The convention will start at 1400 hours and will be continued till 1800 hours. The main purpose of convention is to make the two days strike i.e., on 21, 22 April 2015 a grand success. Maximum participation in the convention is requested from Hyderabad and all SSAs and start preparations immediately for mobilising the convention.


12 March, 2015:Lunch hour gate demonstration held today at the circle office

A huge Lunch hour gate demonstration was held today at the AP circle office. Later a strike notice was served to management for strike on 21 and 22 February, 2015.

View the strike notice

04 March, 2015: Appointment of new CGM of AP Circle and PGM of Hyderabad Telecom District

Principal General Manager, HTD, Sri P.V. Murlidhar, ITS has been appointed as the new Chief General Manager, AP Circle. Sri K. Damodar Rao, ITS will replace him as the new Principal General Manager of Hyderabad Telecom District (HTD). SNATTAAP on behalf of all its members heartily congratlate Sri P.V. Murlidhar and Sri K. Damodar Rao with eager hopes that together we can solve our problems and take BSNL AP Circle to new heights.

13 February, 2015: District Body Meeting of Tirupati SSA branch of SNATTAAP

A Welcome Treat to new TTAs cum District Body Meeting of Tirupati is being organised by SNATTA - Tirupati at Youth Hostel, Tirupati on 22-Feb-2015 from 11:00 AM to 03:30 PM. All the members are requested to assure their full presence. The meeting will be presided over by Organizing Secretary(S), SNATTA.

Eswar Ybl,
Organizing Secretary(S),
SNATTA, Tirupati

01 February, 2015: Signature campaign

The united forum of BSNL employees has called up for "Save BSNL Campaign". Atleast one crore signatures are to be collected from general public in support of the revival of BSNL. Hence each employee has to collect atleast 50 signatures from the public. These signatures are going to be handed over to the Prime Minister's Office on 25-02-2015. Every employee is requested to take all out efforts to make the entire programme a success and contributing their part in saving BSNL. For further details in telugu, click on the links below.

Circular     Letter     Phamplet     Memo to PM

26 January, 2015: SNATTA-AP wishes all its members and all the employees of BSNL a very happy Republic Day

25 January, 2015: Election of new office bearers of Nellore SSA.

The Seventh District Conference of Nellore District was held on 11/01/2015 and the office bearers of Nellore District Branch were selected.

Click here for the list of office bearers

25 January, 2015: Election of new Circle Secretary and Circle treasurer of AP Circle

A Circle executive committee of SNATTA-AP was held on 18/12/2014 for the election of Circle Secretary and Treasure in the presence of Organizing Secretary(S) CHQ Mr. Sh.M.Eshwar ylb, Circle President Mr. V. Narsinga Rao and all other circle bearers. The Circle executive committee elected Mr. M. Sampath Kumar as Circle Secretary and GS. Varaprasad as Circle Treasurer.

22 January, 2015: Reconstitution of National Council

The National Council was reconstituted by the SR Cell, Corporate cell. Comrade V. Naresh was selected as the member of the National Council.

Click here for letter from Corporate Office

22 January, 2015: Syllabus for Limited Internal Competitive Examination for Promotion from Group 'C' to JTO(E).

21 January, 2015: Circle conference of BSNLEU

The circle conference of BSNLEU was held on 21 January, 2015 at Rajhmundry. Sri M. Sampath Kumar, CS, SNATTAAP represented SNATTA at the conference.He requested BSNLEU CHQ to take steps for early settlement of wage disparity and 30% superannuation benefits to direct recruits.


08 January, 2015: Last day of the three day dharna called by the representatives of all BSNL unions/associations

The last and final day of the massive three day dharna called by the JAC of all BSNL Unions and associations ended in a very successful manner. SNATTAAP was represented by Circle Vice President Shiva Sunder Reddy, Circle Secretary Sampath Kumar, V Naresh and Fareed Ahmed at circle office and by District secretary Vemulu, District President PSN Murthy, Haribabu, CD Raju and Venkateshwarlu at BSNL Bhavan, HTD.

06 January, 2015: Dharna called by the representatives of all BSNL unions/associations

Massive dharnas were held by members of all associations and unions at various BSNL offices successfully. SNATTAAP was represented by CS M. Sampath Kumar and ACP S. Shivasunder Reddy at Circle Office, Nampally, Hyderabad. ADB N. Purushottam, Dist Treasurer B. Venkanna represented SNATTAAP at BSNL Bhavan, Tank Bund Hyderabad.

03 January, 2015: Third AP Circle forum meeting

Representatives of all BSNL Unions/Associations attended the 3rd AP circle forum meeting. SNATTA Circle Secretary Sri M. Sampath Kumar attended on behalf of direct recruited TTAs. It was decided to arrange dharna for 3 days, i.e., on 6th, 7th and 8th at all district headquarters, bsnl bhavan and circle office. Hence all are requested to participate in dharna for atleast one day and make it successful.

Click here for details

    01 January, 2015: DA increased by 2.2%. Total DA 100.3%

    01 January, 2015: Poster for "Save BSNL Campaign" programme called by Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations.

01 January, 2015: Decisions of the Forum Meeting held on 30-12-2014

In the meeting of Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations held on 30th December 2014 at BSNL MS Office GS, SNATTA Anup Mukherjee, DGS Sunil Gautam, AGS A.R.Jangid attended and strongly persuaded the opinion of SNATTA. The meeting was presided over by Com. Islam Ahmed, President NFTE. The house paid homage to the memory of Com. Chhidu Singh, senior leader and Vice-President of BSNLEU, NTR Circle, who passed away a few days back. Our GS said "We,all the employees of BSNL need to fight internally and externally for our real survival. Internally we need to fight for the betterment of our services and externally we must fight against the government policies as well". He also told that with all that proposed program we have to improve the quality of our services (QoS) and every employee must be dedicated to do that. Along with all our necessary program all the Unions/Associations must come forward to do the same and everyone agreed...

Click here for the decisions taken in the meeting.

01 January, 2015


27 November, 2014: Massive strike by JAC of all BSNL unions and Associations

Congratulations to all SNATTAians for participating in the strike along with BSNL unions and Associations. Strike resulted in a grand success in AP cirlce.

26 November, 2014: Strike on 27 November 2014 by JAC of all BSNL Unions and Associations

A strike has been called on 27 Nov, 2014 by the JAC of all BSNL Unions and Associations to pressurise the management for taking up the burning issues of BSNL employees. SNATTAAP urges all its members to whole-heartedly join the strike and make it a success.

24 November, 2014: All India Conference SNATTA at Kolkata

Congratulations to Sri Eshwar of Tirupathi SSA for being elected as CHQ Organising Secretary for South Area.

24 November, 2014: All India Conference SNATTA at Kolkata

The 6th AIC of SNATTA,Kolkata concluded successfully with a new CHQ body formation. We are grateful to our previous CHQ leaders for their whole hearted contribution towards SNATTA. We will always remember you all and will always seek your blessings and advice.

SNATTA AP congratulates all the leaders of BSNL Unions and Associations for their glorious presence in the AIC.

SNATTA AP salutes the entire CTD Team for the super arrangement of the AIC. Their rigorous effort have made this event exceptionally well disciplined and well managed.

Most importantly,SNATTA AP congratulates all the circle delegates for their presence in the AIC. We also take a bow to all the Circle Members of SNATTA who may not have came to AIC,Kolkata but sent their enormous support through their Circle delegates.

Full Report of AIC Kolkata will be published very soon.

Once again thank you SNATTAians for your support. SNATTA ZINDABAD!!!

19 November, 2014: District conference of Guntur SNATTA
Seventh District conference of Guntur SSA was successfully conducted by the district body. For details click on the link below.

7th SNATTA District conference of Guntur SSA.pdf      

29 October, 2014: Sixth All India Conference of SNATTA, Kolkata
It is hereby notified that the Sixth All India Conference of SNATTA will be held on 22-23 Nov,2014 at "Ramakrishna Mission Cultural Institute Auditorium" Golpark, Gariahat, Kolkata.

All SNATTA DRTTAs are requested to participate and make it a grand success. It is also requested that each DRTTA may contribute an amount of Rs 500/- for the event.

29 September, 2014: "WALK OUT" for two hours on 30-09-2014 - a call from JAC
Joint Action Committee of Non-Executives called up for two hours "WALK OUT" programme from 1100 hrs to 1300 hrs on 30-09-2014. The agenda is to achieve long pending issues such as pay erosion, bonus etc. Hence all DRTTAs are requested to participate in this progamme, organize demonstrations during the period and make it a grand success.

07 August, 2014: Lunch hour Demonstration at AP Circle office
Non-Executive Joint Action Committee called up for Lunch hour Demonstration which was held at AP circle office. Sri Naresh Vallakati CEC Member and Sri M Sampath Kumar Treasurer of SNATTA did attend on behalf of Direct recruited TTAs.
image1       image2       image3      

12 June, 2014: Emergency meeting going to be held on 15th June 2014
All DRTTAs are requested to attend the meeting going to be held on 15th June 2014 at meeting hall, 5th floor, Telephone Bhavan by 10AM. The following points are going to be discussed:
  • JTO-RR 2014
  • Non-Executive Promotion Policy
  • Pay disparity of post 2007 recruited TTAs
  • JTO-LICE review

23 April, 2014 A brief update on today's National Council Meeting:

National Council Meeting held today under Chairmanship of Dir.(HR) Sh. A.N.Rai.

It is learnt that Staff Side strongly raised the long pending issues related to Non- Executives. A brief note on some issues raised is as below:

1. Reduction of Service Condition in LICE for JTO (T), JTO (E), JTO (C) & JAO

It is agreed that it will be five years uniformly for all these posts.

2. Wage Erosion/Loss issue of post 2007 recruited non-executives.

It is learnt that issue has been sent to Management Committee for consideration.

3. Reviewing the qualifying marks for the recently held JTO LICE.

Leader staff side strongly raised this issue citing examples of CTD, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Karnataka etc Circles where there were ambiguities in the question paper of JTO LICE.

It is agreed that Management will give common instructions to all Circles to re-examine the ambiguities, if any, in the question papers of recently held JTO LICE.

4. 30% Superannuation Benefits to the BSNL Recruits.

Staff side strongly raised this issue also.

It is learnt that Management Side listed the points raised by Staff side & assured for the consideration.

SNATTA CHQ conveys its sincere thanks to all the National Council Members, Secretary Staff Side & especially Leader Staff Side for raising the genuine long pending issues of Non-executives.

21 April, 2014 Regarding Change in Designation from TTA to Junior Engineer (Telecom):
SNATTA CHQ writes to GS NFTE (BSNL) & Member Designation Change Committee regarding Designation Change of TTA to Junior Engineer (Telecom). Click here for Letter

28 March, 2014 Congratulations !!! Regarding amendment of JTO(T) RR 2001 to JTO(T) RR 2014:
It is learnt that the committee constituted to finalise the JTO(T) RR-2014 has agreed to reduce the qualifying service for JTO(T) LICE to 5 years in place of 7 years. It is also learnt that JTO will remain the Circle Cadre instead of All India Cadre.

28 March, 2014 Regarding Change in Designation of Major Non-Executive Cadres:
Meeting of Joint Committee to suggest Change in Designation of Major Non-Executive Cadres will be held on 23.04.2014.
Click here for details

28 March, 2014 Regarding amendment of TTA RR
It is learnt that BSNL management committee has approved the change of posting jurisdiction of TTAs from SSA Cadre to Circle Cadre. It will effect the future recruitment of TTAs either by LICE or by direct recruitment. The TTAs recruited prior to this amendment will continue to be as SSA Cadre.

    Current burning issues of DRTTAs explained
current issues link

Click here to follow.

11th Mar 2014 - Meeting of Non-Executive unions and associations for solving the burning issues
Sri Pawan Meena GS, SNATTA Sri Naresh Vallakati CEC Member, SNATTA-CHQ attended the meeting of Non-Executive Unions and Associations held at New Delhi on 11th March 2014. There, altogether, a decision was made to form a Joint Action Committee (JAC) of Non-Executive unions and Associations to solve the pending issues. The Joint Secretary post of JAC was allotted to a member of SNATTA.

The following points were raised on behalf of SNATTA:
  • Removal of Pay disparity between Pre and Post 2007 Direct Recruited Employees
  • Reduction of JTO/JAO service condition to 3 years
  • 30% Superannuation benefits to BSNL Recruited Employees
  • Change of designation name from TTA to JET (Junior Engineer of Telecom)
  • Restoring the eligibility criteria of Non-Executives in MTRR
  • 10% relaxation in qualifying marks of recently held JTO-LICE
  • Providing two increments to a departmental promotion

It has been decided to demonstrate the above issues at the Corporate Office, New Delhi on 26th march 2014 by all General Secretaries and Non-Executives. SNATTA requests the JAC to continue the struggle until the pay parity and stagnation issues remain unsolved. SNATTA expresses its hearfull thanks to all the members of JAC who stood and showed their support to the Direct Recruited Non-Executives.

6th Mar 2014 - BSNLEU in discussion with the GM (Estt.) on pending issues
Sri P.Abhimanyu (GS), Sri Animesh Mitra (Dy.GS) and Sri Saibal Sengupta (AGS) discussed with Sri R.K.Goyal GM(Estt.) about the wage loss issue of the post 1-1-2007 appointees. Also, reduction in the qualifying service to appear for JTO LICE was discussed.

The SNATTAAP conveys its heartfull thanks to BSNLEUCHQ for their contribution on the issues of DRTTAs.

25th Feb 2014 - Issuance of Guide Lines to AP about the discrepancies of LICE to JTO
Sri Abhimanyu, GS of BSNLEU discussed today with shri P.C. Mehta, Sr.GM (Rectt.) and insisted upon him to issue necessary guidelines to the CGM, AP circle, for taking remedial measures, regarding the alleged discrepancies that had arisen in the question papers of the last JTO LDCE, held in Andhra Pradesh circle. The Sr.GM (Rectt.) agreed to issue guideline to the CGM, AP circle, as well as a general guideline to all the CGMs in this regard, as demanded by the General Secretary.

All the DRTTAs, leftover in the LICE to JTO held on 2nd June 2013, convey their heart felt thanks to the BSNLEU CHQ and the leaders from AP Circle of BSNLEU for their efforts in this matter.

25th Feb 2014 - Settlement of problems - Requesting for urgent action.
Sri Chandeshwar Singh, GS, NFTE, has written a letter to Sri A.N. Rai, Director (HR) New Delhi, requesting action on wage loss of employees appointed on/after 01-01-2007 as top priority.The proposal for one increment as the solution for wage loss stands unacceptable. Even the 2% contribution as superannuation benefits was considered as too meagre.

The SNATTA AP Circle expresses its thanks to NFTE for their contribution to prevailing problems of Non-Executives.

Click here to see the communication

20th Feb 2014 - Inclusion of Pay Loss of Non-Executives in High Level Committee Constituted
Sri Abhimanyu, GS of BSNLEU and Sri Asoka Babu, Vice President of BSNLEU initiated a communication to Corporate Office to include the Non-executive wage parity issue in the terms of reference of High Level Committee. The SNATTA AP Circle conveys its gratitude for the timely response/reaction from the CHQ of BSNLEU.

Please click here to see the communication

19th Feb 2014 - Discrepancies in LICE to JTO held on 2nd June 2013 - Revisited
The entire left out of the LICE on 2nd June 2013 will soon have a reason to smile. Sri Sampath Rao, CS of BSNLEU AP Circle along with Sri Asoka Babu, Vice President of BSNLEU and Sri Taranath, ACS of BSNLEU AP Circle met CGM, AP Circle and demanded the addressal of the left over discrepancies in the question paper of LICE held on 2nd June 2013 for which CGM of AP Circle responded quite positively and affirmed that the benefit of doubt would surely be passed on to the examines and confirmed action in this regard. Entire left over and dwelling on the lower side of the cut off in the LICE held on 2nd June 2013 of AP Circle express their heart felt gratitude to the team of BSNLEU, AP Circle for their kind gesture.

Newly Elected Body of SNATTA AP Circle
Central Co-ordinator M Nagubabu Hyderabad 9440868559
Circle President V. Narsingha Rao Hyderabad 9491309881
Vice President 1 S Shiva Sunder Reddy Hyderabad 9494943494
Vice President II Ravi Warangal 9491307009
Vice President III Ramesh East Godavari 9494553199
Vice President IV Uma Prasad Kadapa 9491222290
Circle Secretary D. Sandeep Reddy Hyderabad 9494949991
Asst Circle Secretary I A Srinivasa Rao Hyderabad 8500234023
Asst Circle Secretary II E Muthuiah Medak 9494819819
Asst Circle Secretary III Ch. Anil Kumar West Godavari 9493985595
Asst Circle Secretary IV Eswar Tirupathi 9440407287
Treasurer M Sampath Kumar Hyderabad 9494194899
Web Admin I Syed Fareeduddin Ahmed Hyderabad 9491304996
Web Admin II S Aditya Tejaswi Hyderabad 9493979995
Auditor Jyothi Kumar Hyderabad 9491030861

Congratulations to the new team of DRTTAs who bravely came forward to take the responsibilities and proved it again, that, the circle of AP is not short of leaders and committed people. Best Wishes to them for their bright future.

17th Feb 2014   Circle Conference of SNATTA AP Circle on 15th and 16th Feb 2014- Pictures
Click here to view the Part I Slideshow of the 3rd Circle Conference and CEC of AP Circle
Click here to view the Part II Slideshow of the 3rd Circle Conference and CEC of AP Circle
Click here to view the Part III Slideshow of the 3rd Circle Conference and CEC of AP Circle

Circle Conference of SNATTA AP Circle
The 3rd Circle Conference of AP SNATTA will be held on 15th and 16th of Feb 2014 at Asman Mahal,Hyderabad.

The Invitation can be seen here

14.02.2014 BSNLEU Writes to Corporate Office
The left over of LICE to JTO which was held on 02nd June 2013, and the Circle Body of SNATTA AP Circle express their gratitude to BSNLEU CHQ for their communication to Corporate Office regarding issuance of direction to CGM AP Circle to address the discrepancies. Please click here to see the communication

08.02.14 4th Distirct COnference of Tirupathi
Details of the district conference of Tirupathi SSA can be seen here

Click here to view the Slideshow of Tirupathi Dist Conference

Accommodation Details for CEC on 15th Feb 2014
Delegates arriving for CEC on 15th are to reach the following address:-

Deepak Lodge & Amrath Athithi Gruh
Near BSNL Quarters (Kandaswamy Lane)
Hanuman Vyayamashala Lane (Hanuman Tekdi)
Ramkote, Hyderabad

Please contact any Circle Office Bearer in case of any query.

CEC on 15th Feb 2014
It is already known to everybody that the CEC will take place on 15th Feb 2014 followed by Circle Conference on 16th Feb 2014. All the SSAs to immediately inform the details of the delegates attending on 15th Feb to be forwarded to Circle Body by 12th Feb 2014 without fail. Else, it will be difficult to provide the accommodation. Please treat this matter as urgent and intimate the Circle Body well in advance to avoid any inconvenience. The details may be given to Circle Secretary on his mobile 9441241241 or Circle President on his mobile 9440933418. Matter Most Urgent. Please ensure maximum participation.

11.02.14 3rd Distirct COnference of Medak District on 09th Feb 2014
Details of the district conference of Medak SSA can be seen here

Click here to view the Slideshow of Medak Dist Conference

09.02.14 4th Distirct COnference of Kurnool District on 08th Feb 2014
Details of the district conference of Kurnool SSA can be seen here

08.02.14 Agenda Points for CEC on 15th Feb 2014
1.   Wage Loss issue or Post 2007 Recruits and the initiative to address the same by SNATTA AP Circle.
2.   JTO RR 2014 issues - “pro et contra”.
3.   Superannuation benefits to the Direct Rectuits.
4.   JTO LDCE on 2nd June 2013 - AP related issues on discrepancies in the question paper.
5.   Finance Report of SNATTA-AP Circle by Circle Treasurer, Sri Jell Ramesh
6.   Election of new Circle Body
7.   Status of BSNL and the role of DRTTAs to regain the past glory of BSNL.

07.02.14 Moral support to the ongoing agitation by AIGETOA
The CS, CP and CC of SNATTA AP Circle, on behalf of the DRTTAs of AP Circle, extend their moral support to the ongoing agitation by AIGETOA on the grounds of seeking superannuation benefits to the Direct Recruits.

We wish them success and thank them for taking up one of the major issues faced by a Direct Recruit today, in BSNL.

04.02.14 Invitations to the Chief Guest, Guests of Honor and Special Invities
The CS and CP of SNATTA AP Circle invited Chief Guest, Guests Of Honor and Special Invities officially at their offices today. This association conveyes its heartfelt thanks to all of them for having accepted our invitations.

04 Feb 2014 : District Conference of East Godavari SSA, AP Circle held on 02.02.2014
Details of the district conference of East Godavari SSA can be seen here

Click here to view the Slideshow of East Godavari Dist Conference

04.02.14 Welcome to 3rd Circle Conference

31st Jan 2014 Dist Conference of Visakhapatnam SSA, AP Circle held on 19th Jan 2014
Details of the district conference of Visakhapatnam SSA can be seen here

District Conference of Krishna District, SNATTA AP Circle on 29th Dec 2013
The Krishna SSA (AP Circle) SNATTA district conference was successfully conducted on 29/12/2013 at Vijayawada GMTD office, maximum members attended the meeting.

The conference started at 11:00 AM with the welcome note by Mr. R.RAJESH, District Secretary of SNATTA Krishna SSA. The minutes of the same can be seen here

A representation was submitted to Dist Secretary, Vijayawada, SNEA (I) and the same can be seen here

Delay in publishing the above news is deeply regretted. It was an inadvertant error. - Site Manager SNATTA AP Circle

Circle Conference of SNEA(I) AP Circle
Our CS, of SNATTA, AP Circle has attended the Circle conference of SNEA (I) on 24.01.2014 and spoke briefly about the issues related to DRTTAs and submitted a memorandum to the General Secretary of SNEA (I). Please click here to see the document. We request the General Secretary of SNEA (I) to elevate the issues to the management for further activity.

The entire DRTTA community of AP Circle congratulates the newly elected body of SNEA (I) of AP Circle. The list of few of the selected leaders is as follows:-


Com. J.Umamaheshwara Rao, SDE Vijayawada

Circle Secretary

Com. A.Viswanath, AGM, HTD


Com. K.Vidyasagar Reddy, DE HTD

Attn All. Updation of Personal Details in HRMS Package
All are requested to update their personal details in HRMS package without fail for ERP Process underway in AP Circle. Treat the matter most important.

22.01.14 The training schedule of successful candidates in LDCE of AP Circle, released
Click here to see the letter

21.01.14 Fund Collection from the Successful Candidates in LDCE
All the successful candidates of LDCE to contribute Rs. 500 (atleast) towards meeting the expenditure for the proposed Circle Conference to be held on 15th and 16th Feb 2014. It is to note that, the contribution thus made will be the final contribution to SNATTA by the successful candidates of LDCE held on 2nd June 2013.

19.01.14 District Conference of West Godavari Telecom District
Click here to view the Slideshow of West Godavari Dist Conference

As per schedule meeting was started at 10.30 hrs of 19-01-2014 at Tadepalligudem Telephone Exchange under the Presidentship of Sri P.GVD.Ganesh TTA OCM ELURU in a grand manner. DR TTAs from different divisions of West Godavarai SSA attended the meeting. As per Agenda all the points were discussed. Sri Y.V.Rama Rao TTA (TM), ELR and other 2002 and 2003 batch TTAs explained about formation of SNATTA and its goals and achievements. Sri K.Surseh Kumar, CS SNATTA AP circle addressed the gathering via Mobile. After that new District body was unanimously elected as follows:

1. President: K JAYABABU TTA BB ELURU 9491715789
2. Vice President: CH ANIL KUMAR TTA FM PALAKOLE 9493985595
3. Secretary: A NARESH TTA (TM) TADEPALLIGUDEM 9493402886
4. Asst.Secretary: L B V APPALACHARYULU TTA (I/D) BHIMAVRAM 9440846257
5. Tresurer: K SREENU TTA (TM) TADEPALLIGUDEM 9491185877
7. Organising Secretaries:
1. R S R C MURTHY TTA (R) POLAVARAM 9440577877

Meeting was ended with vote of thanks by Sri M VENKATESWARLU TTA (TM) TADEPALLIGUDEM .After that Delicious lunch was arranged.

19.01.14 Minutes of the 4th Dist Conferenct of HTD on 19th Jan 2014
District Conference was held in a grand manner.

District President Sri. M. Nagaraju invited the Chief Guest Sri. P. V. Muralidhar PGM-HTD, Sri. D. Bhaskar Rao Additional GM(Admin)-HTD, Sri. P. Ashokababu Vice President (CHQ) BSNLEU, Sri. Narayana Murthy ACS NFTE-AP, Sri. V. K. Muthu DS NFTE-HTD, Sri Krishna DS SEWA BSNL-AP, Sri. Sheshagiri ADS BSNLEU-HTD, Sr. M. Nagababu Central Coordinator SNATTA-AP, Sri M. Sudheer Kumar CP SNATTA-AP, Sri K.Suresh CS SNATTA-AP, on to the Dais and bouquets were presented to them.

District Secretary and Executive member (CHQ) SNATTA Sri V.Naresh welcomed all to the 4th District Conference and congratulated DRTTAs who succeeded in JTOLDCE. He explained problems of DRTTAs ie wage erosion, Reduction of Service Condition in JTO RR 2014 to 3 years, Junior Engineer Telecom Designation to TTAs and Superannuating benefits to the Directly Rectuited. He requested the recognized Unions, BSNLEU and NFTE to work towards solving the above problems of DRTTAs.

Sri P. V. Muralidhar PGM-HTD congratulated DRTTAs who succeededd in JTO LDCE and motivated DRTTAs for improving the performance of BSNL.

Sri D. Bhaskar Rao Additional GM(Admin)-HTD appreciated the Unity of DRTTA’s under the banner of SNATTA and motivated DRTTAs.

Sri K. Suresh CS SNATTA-AP explained the efforts made by SNATTA-AP for JTO-LDCE, wage erosion etc. He appreciated District body for grand success of District Conference with 150 members present in the conference hall.

Sri M. Sudheer Kumar CP SNATTA-AP thanked management for upgrading speeds and FUP limits of BB plans

Sri M. Nagubabu Central Coordinator SNATTA-AP explained the need of recovering dues from subscribers from all possible ways.

Sri P. Ashokababu Vice President(CHQ) BSNLEU explained the status of wage erosion, JTO RR 2014 service condition, Designation, Superannuation benefits. He stated that BSNLEU will pressurize the management on 5 increments for solving wage erosion and reduction of RR JTO 2014 service condition to 5 years. He also said that BSNLEU pressurized management for declaring the JTOLDCE results of AP circle. He explained various issues related to BSNL and its performance.

Sri Narayana Murthy ACS NFTE-AP ascertained that NFTE would not leave any stone unturned to solve the problems of DRTTAs at all levels.

Sri V. K. Muthu DS NFTE-HTD, Sri Krishna DS SEWA BSNL-HTD, Sri Sheshagiri ADS BSNLEU-AP also addressed the meeting and congratulated the succeeded candidates in the LDCE to JTO.

New District Body of SNATTA-HTD elected unanimously is indicated below:-

District President P S N Murthy 9491379803
District Vice President N. Purushotham 9491030848
District Secretary K. Vemulu 9493979179
District Treasurer B. Venkanna 9440110441
Area Secretary ( Central ) K. Raju 9440000619
Area Secretary ( South )Shaik Abdul Saleem 9491085656
Area Secretary (West )CH. Swamy 9491886766
Area Secretary (North )M. Haribabu 9491074071
Area Secretary (Rural )Babaru Bahan Prasad 9491030788
Area Coordinator ( Central ) N. Thirupathi 9490000141
Area Coordinator ( South ) Kiran 9491085680
Area Coordinator ( West ) V. Naveen Kumar 9491886800
Area Coordinator ( North ) G S Varaprasad 9491308980
Area Coordinator ( Rural ) K. Sravan Kumar 9440795793

Newly elected body took their responsibilities heart fully and committed that the would work to strengthen the Unity of DRTTAs.

Finally, vote of Thanks by newly elected District Secretary were spoken and the meeting was closed.

19.01.14 4th District Conference of Hyderabad Telecom District
Click here to view the Slideshow of 4th District Conference of HTD on 19th Jan 2014. A picture Story

16.01.14 Agenda Points of 4th District Conference of Hyderabd Telecom District on 19th Jan 2014
The 4th District Conference of Hyderabad Telecom District will be Held on 19-01-2014 Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm at VASAVI meeting hall, khairatabad, Behind Telephone Bhavan, Hyderabad

The Agenda:-

(1) Speeches by Distinguished Guests and Union Leaders

(2) Secretary's Report

Lunch follows

(1) New District Body Formation

(2) Bidding Farewell to DRTTA's who succeeded in JTO LDCE.

(3) Vote of Thanks by Newly Elected District Secretary.

All the members of Hyderabad Telecom District are requested to attend the meeting and make it a grand success. Members are requested to be seated by 0945 hours to ensure timely conduction of the event. All the DRTTAs are requested to give it a wide publicity. All out efforts to be made to ensure that there is 100% participation in the meeting.

16.01.14 Grand, 4th District Conference of Hyderabd Telecom District on 19th Jan 2014

    15.01.14 DNS Issue. Site was down for 4 days in a row..
SNATTA AP Circle regrets deeply for the abrupt absence for the last four days. It was due to DNS outage and things have been done up now.

10.01.14 Immediate Attention DS/DP/DC of All SSAs of AP Circle
All the DS/DP/DC of every SSA in AP Circle to conduct District Conferences on 19th Jan 2014 without fail. As we are expecting the training schedule may start very soon, it is very important to ensure the districts do not suffer the absence of the leaders. Younger comrades are to be encouraged and brought forward to lead the teams in SSAs as the base is very important for being a strong association and to ensure our righteous demands are well taken care of. --- Message from Circle Secretary, AP SNATTA.

09.01.14 A shocking News. Another DRTTA passes away on 05th Jan 2014
A DRTTA of AP Circle has left us. The SNATTA AP Circle expresses its deepest condolences to his family. Sri B Satish, O/o SDOP Amberpet, of Hyderabad died of a heart attack on Sunday, 5th Jan 2014. He was aged 36 years and is survived by his wife and a 9 year old daughter.

The message could not be updated on the site as there was no information unfortunately. Tomorrow the AP SNATTA team will be visiting the family of Late Sri Satish B. More details will be made available tomorrow.

    09.01.14 The list of qualified (qualification wise) has been sent to Jabalpur
The list of qualified in JTO LDCE held on 2nd June 2013 has been sent to Jabalpur RTTC today for allotoment of berths in the Training Centres. All out efforts are being made to ensure that the same is processed at the earliest at Jabalpur.

06.01.14 Circle Secretary of SNATTA AP Circle Visited Circle Office Today
The CS of AP SNATTA Circle, Sri Kulla Suresh alonwith two other members visited the Circle Office today in connection with the delay in sending the list of successful candidates to Jabalpur RTTC for further allottment of berths to conduct the JTO Training process. It was learnt that there were ony two clarifications left from two different TTAs of HTD. The matter has been solved and tomorrow both the confirmations will be made available to AGM (SR & Trg) for further sending the list to Jabalpur RTTC. Most probably, by evening tomorrow, ie on 7th Jan 2013, the list will be sent to Jabalpur.

The Circle Team is doing its best to get the process completed at the earliest and to get the training started at the earliest.

06.01.14 Meeting of Circle Secretary AP SNATTA Circle with AGM (Admin) and SDE (Admin)
It was learnt that the case of SC/ST Candidates who failed in LDCE to JTO conducted on 2nd Jun 2013 was taken up with Corporate Office and the instructions from the Corporate Office were awaited. It was also learnt that the Circle Office was in continuous touch with the Corporate Office on this issue.

02.01.14 Attn All DS/DP/DC of SNATTA AP Circle
All the DS/DP/DC of every SSA to immediately contact your SSA admin section and ensure that the process of sending the clarification sought by O/o CGMT AP Circle is not delayed anymore. Click here to see the clarifications asked by AGM (SR & Trg), O/o CGMT AP Circle . Please ensure that the clarifications are sent today itself.

Treat the matter most urgent.

02.01.14 Dist Conference held at Guntur SSA on 29.12.13.
AP Circle congratulates the newly elected body. All other SSAs to follow the same and conduct district conferences and elect the new body well before the training process begins for the senior DRTTAs. Click here to view the complete details. The delay in updation of the site is regretted.

01.01.14......The SNATTA AP Circle wishes everyone a very very Happy New Year 2014......

25th Dec 2013:- Attention DS/DP of all the SSAs in AP Circle
Please contact your Admin and ensure that the information regarding Diploma and Degree of all the successful candidates of your SSAs reach the circle office at the earliest. Few SSAs have already completed this task. This information sought by Circle Office is to manage the training programme by Jabalpur for AP Circle LDCE. Treat the matter most urgent as the delay could cause delay in managing the dates for our circle.

25th Dec 2013:- SNATTA AP Circle wishes one and all a Very Happy Christmas and New Year 2014.

   14th Dec 2013:- SNATTA AP Circle seeks donations to the family of deceased
Please donate liberally to the family of deceased directly to the bank account mentioned in the message below The family of the deceased needs our help. The AP Circle has always been very responsive to any such call and the same is the need of the hour. We request every DRTTA of AP Circle to offer as much help possible by donating generously towards a genuine and humane reason. It is a wise idea if the DS/DP of every SSA takes the responsibility of collecting the dontations and transfers the amount to the bank account.

13th Dec 2013:- SNATTA AP Circle Conveys it Gratitude
The DRTTAs of AP Circle, having their “Dream Come True”, delighted by the joy of success in the LDCE, express their gratitude to the management of the AP Circle for declaration of the results.

AP Circle, expresses its heartfelt gratitude to President of NFTE, Sri Islam Ahmed, GS of NFTE, Sri Chandeswar Singh, and CHQ Secretary Sri Rajamouli for their continuous support in taking up our demand to CO and pursuing the issue of declaration of the results.

AP Circle, expresses its heartfelt gratitude to President of BSNLEU, Sri Namboodiri and GS of BSNLEU, Sri Abhimanyu and for their timely intervention and helping the DRTTAs of AP Circle to get their results declared.

AP Circle, expresses its heartfelt gratitude to the Circle Secretary of NFTE, AP Circle, Sri K.Anjaiah for his continuous support extended in pursuing with the management for the declaration of the results. He accompanied us to the management, whenever we approached him and spoke for us. His gentle approach, clarity in his communication and firm commitment to the cause, have always helped us to prove our point to the management and finally helped us to get the results declared.

AP Circle, expresses its heartfelt gratitude to the Circle Secretary of BSNLEU, AP Circle, Sri J.Sampath Rao, ACS Sri Tharanath for their support extended to get the results declared.. It was the loud and clear display of the CS of BSNLEU, Sri Sampath Rao in the CCM meeting on our demand of the declaration of the result, which made all the difference, was a turning point in the whole episode of result declaration. Sri Tharanath, ACS of BSNLEU with his warm and affectionate gesture was instrumental in communicating with their CHQ and pursuing the same at CHQ of BSNLEU. SNATTA AP Circle also thanks CHQ Vice President Sri Asok Babu, for his support extended for an early declaration of the results.

SNATTA of AP Circle conveys its heartfelt gratitude to GS of SNEA, Sri Sebastian for his continuous support extended in communicating with the CO and making a point. The efforts by Joint Secretary (South) of SNEA, Sri Padmanabha Rao to get the clarifications sought by AP Circle, was a very important development. DRTTAs of AP Circle convey their heartfelt gratitude for their timely action and help. DRTTAs of AP Circle, most importantly, thank the CS of SNEA of AP Circle, Sri Vishwanath for his continuous help and pursuing the matter at their CHQ and at Circle Office too. It is needless to say that it will go a long way in building mutual trust and is indeed a warm welcome gesture from the most respected association of SNEA.

The DRTTAs of AP Circle thank the Circle Secretary of SEWA, Sri B Hanumanth Rao for taking our issue at various levels and help us. He was instrumental in taking up our issue about the discrepancies observed in the question paper and the key.

Last but not the least, the help offered by SNATTA, the President Sri Manish Samadhiya and GS of SNATTA, Sri Pawan Meena despite the pressure from many other issues faced by DRTTAs, is unforgettable. SNATTA of AP Circle extends its heartfelt gratitude to these two warriors and wishes them best for their continued support to DRTTAs on all other issues too.

The DRTTAs of AP Circle thank one and all for their support extended at various levels and made this to happen.

We strongly believe that the help offered by one and all has only helped us get our results declared and once again, the entire DRTTA community of AP Circle convey its heartfelt gratitude for the help extended by one and all.

We unconditionally apologize if we have skipped to mention any person who has helped us, in this communication of ours, as it is purely unintentional.

   13th Dec 2013:- AP Circle Declares the Results of LICE to JTO
Click here to see the results....The total number of candidates qualified are 466 and the pass percentage is almost 75%.

27th Nov 2013:- President & Secretary HQR met Director (F), Sr. GM(Est) and GM (Restg) on 26-11-2013 discussed staff related issues.
SNATTA of AP Circle conveys its heartfelt gratitude to NFTE CHQ for taking up the issues of Wage Erosion and Declaration of the results of LDCE to JTO. Click here to view the details.

26th Nov 2013:- Declaration of Results of AP Circle
Com Abhimanyu, GS BSNLEU, met with Dir (HR) and GM (Est) at CO and discussed about the declaration of the results of AP Circle. It is given to understand that the outcome of the meetings was very positive. The DRTTAs of AP Circle wholeheartedly convey their heartfelt gratitude to the efforts by BSNLEU.

   20th Nov 2013:- SNEA Meets GM (Est) on 19th Nov 2013..
SNEA GS and AGS met GM (Est) on 19th Nov 2013 and discussed about the declaration of results in AP Circle. DRTTAs of AP Circle express their gratitude for the efforts put in by GS and AGS of SNEA. Thanks Sir.

   16th Nov 2013:- Happenings in RCM today..
The Secretary Staff Side, Shri P Ashok Babu Jee and the Leader Staff side, Shri K Anjaiah jee, today, in the RCM held, raised the issue of delay in declaration of JTO LDCE Results, which was numbered at point no. 20 in the RCM items. Almost 30 minutes were spent in argument of the said matter and Shri J Sampath Rao and Shri K Anjaiah questioned the management on this issue and demanded immediate declaration of the results of LDCE to JTO. Our Circle Secretary Shri K Suresh questioned the management the reasons why circle office was stopping the declaration of the result for the sake of mere 55 candidates who took the provisional admission and denied justice to all the aspirants of JTO LDCE held on 2nd June 2013. However, the management side responded to this by saying that the results were delayed only due to the instructions received from the CO vide their letter dated 7th Oct 2013. The Staff Side seriously demanded to seek clarifications from the CO pertaining to AP Circle as the provisional admissions in AP are only 55 in number and the vacancies in AP were much higher in number and hence there was no reason why the Circle hesitated to declare the results. The CGM assured the Staff Side that he would write to CO and seek the clarification. The SNATTA body of AP Circle conveys its heartfelt thanks to all the unions for their sincere and honest approach in this direction.

   03 Nov 2013:- Happy Dipawali to All
"Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.
Talent will not -- nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.
Genius will not -- unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.
Education alone will not -- the world is full of educated derelicts.
Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.
The slogan 'press on' has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race."
-John Calvin Coolidge

Let our struggle to see ourselves as JTOs continue and let us not be discouraged by the obstacles that we are facing today, in the form of legal complications or any such issue, and, unite once again, on this auspicious occasion of Dipawali, and keep up the spirit of being together and take our LDCE results as we managed to get the LDCE happen when there were many forces trying to stall the same.  Let us not be losing our courage to move ahead and let us keep faith in our association, that is, the association of DRTTAs.  Remember, the struggle, has always been our path finder and we will struggle again to ensure that we got our legitimate due share.  Long Live SNATTA and Long Live our unity.

  Happy Dipawali to all the DRTTAs of AP Circle and All Other Associates of BSNL.

   02 Nov 2013:- Congratulations Sri Subrmanyeswara Rao
SNATTA of AP Circle congratulates Sri T Subramanyeswara Rao, a DRTTA of AP Circle, for his achievement of Vishishst Sanchar Seva Padak award for the year 2013 on his commendable achievement. Click here to view his profile and the image captured. Click here to view the certificate of the award.

28th Oct 2013:- NFTE CHQ Writes to Dir (HR)
Delay in declaration of JTO LICE result in respect of many circles – NFTE writes to Director (HR), Letter No.-TF-14/2(b), Dated:-28-10-2013. Click here to read the letter.

28th Oct 2013:- Meeting with Director (HR)
NFTE CHQ meets the Dir (HR) and Click here to know the details.

28th Oct 2013:- Meeting with GM (HR)
The Circle Secretary of NFTE AP Circle, Sri Anjaiah alongwith 4 members of SNATTA met the GM (HR) and explained that the results of two circles, Maharashtra and UP (East) were declared keeping the provisionally admitted candidates either undeclared or in the sealed cover after 7th October 2013 vide the letter of CO S1/Gen/2012-Pers-IV-(Pt) dated 07th Oct 2013. It was proposed by CS of NFTE AP Circle to declare the results of AP on the identical lines for which GM (HR) responded positively and assured that the matter would be seriously considered and promised that he would take up the same with CGM of AP Circle tomorrow ie on 29th Oct 2013.

SNATTA of AP Circle conveys its regards to CS of NFTE AP Circle for his committment towards solving the issues of DRTTAs and thank him for his genuine efforts, else, it would have been an uphilll task for SNATTA of AP Circle to elevetate the seriousness of the matter to the management without his kind help and guidance.

   22nd Oct 2013:- Comrade Bhanu Kiran, Passes away
Its very unfortunate that we lost one of our beloved DRTTA. Y. Bhanu Kiran (29). Bhongir, Nalgonda, AP CIRCLE on 20th October 2013.

SNATTA AP Circle pays its respectful homage to the departed young man, and extends deepest condolences to his family members, relatives, friends and all the comrades of Nalgonda SSA.

Dear Bhanu

If tears could build a stairway,
And memories a lane,
we'd walk right up to the Heaven
And bring you back home again. - AP SNATTA

21st Oct 2013:- Meeting with CGM of AP Circle at 1600 hrs
The CS of NFTE AP Circle, Shri K. Anjaiah, the ACS of NFTE AP Circle, President SNATTA, AP Circle Shri M Sudheer, ACS Shri Raja Sekhar Reddy of Sanga Reddy SSA, the Dist President Shri Santosh of Sanga Reddy SSA along with three other members of SNATTA met the CGM of AP Circle and discussed in detail about the delay in declaration of the results. The CS of NFTE questioned the management about the delay in declaration of the results of LDCE to JTO held on 2nd June 2013 of AP Circle. DGM (Admin) who was present in the meeting said that the re-evaluation process according to the guidelines of the Corporate Office was being carried out and the expected date of completion of the same is 31st October 2013. The legal issues related to declaration of the results were also elaborately discussed and the CGM of AP Circle assured that all the possible efforts would be made by the Circle to ensure that the results got declared at the earliest.

The SNATTA AP Circle conveys its heartfelt thanks to the Circle Secretary NFTE AP Circle for the meeting held with the CGM of AP Circle despite his personal problems at his home front. The SNATTA AP Circle wihes a speedy recovery of his daughter who is admitted into the hospital due to ill health.

17th Oct 2013:- SNATTA CHQ Writes to NFTE CHQ regarding the delay in declaration of results of AP Circle
The SNATTA CHQ writes to NFTE CHQ to intervene into the process of declaration of results in AP Circle and influence the CO to expedite the process. Click here to read the letter.

   17th Oct 2013:- Fund Collection and LDCE Results
During the CEC held on 22nd Sept, as per the decision taken by the members, it was decided to collect legal fund and yearly subscription. The same was already circulated through official mail by CS of AP Circle and the same may be followed. Members are requested not to believe any incorrect short messages regarding fund collection and the results of LDCE. Any authentic information will be published on the site and sent through official mail only. All are requested to either watch the site or obtain information from the SSA office bearers.

It is natural that the rumours float around whenever there is any uncertainity in any matter related to a group of people. Hence, it is requested that due diligence be exercised before coming to any conclusion about any such short message.

14th Oct 2013:- SMS Circulation by unknown
It has come to the notice of the AP Circle, SNATTA, that there are some incorrect messages regarding fund collection are being circulated. DRTTAs of AP Circle are requested to ignore them. Any such need would be intimated by Circle Office Bearers either through the site or official mail by the Office Bearers.

09th Oct 2013:- DRTTAs of AP Circle participate in Dharna Program called by NFTE
Shri M Sudheer, the Circle President of SNATTA AP Circle spoke about the various issues faced by the DRTTA community today at the Dharna program conducted by NFTE. He emphasized the need of addressing all the grievances faced by the DRTTA community and spoke at length about the failures of BSNL management in addressing the concerns of DRTTAs of BSNL. Click here to view the image captured while he was addressing the participants. The entire crowd present at BSNL Bhawan, Hyderabad kept on cheering him while he was speaking regarding the issues faced by the DRTTA community today.

25 Sept 2013:- Circle Secretary of AIBSNLEA writes to CGM of AP Circle
The Circle Secretary of AIBSNLEA of AP Circle writes to CGM, AP Circle, requesting an early declaration of LDCE to JTO result. Members of the SNATTA of AP Circle express their heartfelt thanks to the CS, AIBSNLEA of AP Circle for taking up this important issue with the AP Circle Management. Please Click here to read the letter.

22 Sept 2013:- Meeting of Circle Body of AP Circle
The meeting started at 1100 hrs as notified and the main agenda of the meeting was to understand what best could be done to ensure that the results of JTO LDCE announced without any further delay within the permissible domain of legal constraints. The members expressed their views and expressed their solidarity with SNATTA and AP Circle team. It was proposed to initiate the process of getting the results declared at the earliest. It was also decided to impress upon NFTE to include (i) Wage Erosion Issue of post 2007 DRTTAs, (ii) Designation Change, and (iii) Reduction of Qualifying serivice of DRTTAs to 5 years to take up the LDCE.

The meeting was addressed by CS of SNATTA AP Circle and the entire situation was explained to all the participants. The participants expressed that all out efforts to be made by SNATTA AP Circle to address the issues mentioned above and expressed their unconditional support to the Circle Body.

22 Sept 2013:- Results of LDCE to JTO
The CO writes to all the Circles to expedite the process of declaration of LDCE to JTO results. Click here to read the letter.

18 Sept 2013:- Results of LDCE to JTO, AP Circle
It is decided to hold a meeting of AP Circle SNATTA Circle Body and all the District Secretaries of AP on 22nd Sept 2013 at TE Musheerabad at 1100 hrs to discuss the steps to be taken to expedite the results of LDCE for JTO. All the District Secretaries are requested to attend the meeting without fail.

10 Sept 2013:- Results of LDCE to JTO, AP Circle
It is learnt from the reliable sources that the result is ready and the formal legal clearance is awaited. It is also learnt that the efforts are on to expedite the process. SNATTA is very hopeful of a very good result. The AP Circle of SNATTA requests all the aspirants to observe patience.

   26th Aug 2013:- Meeting with CGM, AP Circle
Sri B Hanumanth Rao, Circle Secretary, SEWA AP Circle along with the Circle President M Sudheer of SNATTA AP Circle visited CGM (AP Circle) and GM (HR) on 20th Aug 2013 and discussed to annexe bonus marks to all candidates in the LDCE to JTO examination and discussed at length about the discrepancies observed both in the question paper and the provisional key and stressed upon the fact that the benefit of any such discrepant questions to be passed on to the candidate as the candidate was not a part, in anyway, of the setting of the question paper. SNATTA AP Circle on behalf of all the DRTTAs of AP Circle expresses its sincere gratitude to the honest and result oriented approach by the Circle Secretary of SEWA (AP Circle).

It is regretted that the news could not be published on the same date due to a technical issue with the site.

   24th Aug 2013:- Meeting with DGM (Admin), AP Circle
The Circle Secretary and the Circle President met DGM (Admin) to discuss about the delay in announcement of result and addition of marks for the questions which were found to be erroneous and to request for passing on the benefit to the candidates as the candidates who took the examination were neither responsible nor a part of the paper setting. DGM (Admin) of AP Circle assured the leaders of AP SNATTA that the management was sensitive about the discrepancies thus surfaced in the said question paper and would put in all the efforts to meet the interest of the candidates.

Happy Independence day
SNATTA, AP Circle wishes one and all a very happy Independence Day, 15th August 2013.

   14-Aug-2013:- Meeting with GM (HR), AP Circle
Shri K Anjaiah, Circle Secretary, NFTE, AP Circle, along with Circle Secretary Shri Kulla Suresh, Circle Secretary of SNATTA AP Division, met GM (HR) of AP Circle and submitted a representation regarding early declaration of results and to consider passing on the benefit to the candidates in case of the discrepancies in the question paper and the provisional key of LDCE to JTO examination held on 2nd June 2013. It may not be out of point to mention that the GM (HR) of AP Circle was impressed on the points raised by our CS, Shri Kulla Suresh and assured that he would do everything possible officially to help the DRTTAs of AP Circle. The SNATTA AP Circle conveys its heartfelt thanks to GM (HR) of AP Circle for his passionate hearing to the issues related the examination of LDCE and the discrepancies.

SNATTA, AP Circle convyes its heart felt thanks to Shri K Anjaiah, Circle Secretary, NFTE, AP Circle for his kind support and committment to help the DRTTAs.

06-Aug-2013:- Meeting with DGM (Admin), AP Circle
Shri K Anjaiah, Circle Secretary, NFTE, AP Circle, along with Circle President M Sudheer, and Central Co-ordinator Shri M Nagababu met CGM of AP Circle and submitted a representation regarding early declaration of results and to consider passing on the benefit to the candidates in case of the discrepancies in the question paper and the provisional key of LDCE to JTO examination held on 2nd June 2013.

SNATTA, AP Circle convyes its heart felt thanks to Shri K Anjaiah, Circle Secretary, NFTE, AP Circle for his kind support and committment to help the DRTTAs.

26-Jul-2013:- Suggestions/Comments Urgently Needed from DRTTAs
It is known to one and all that a Wage Erosion Committee is formed by SNATTA CHQ to deal with the pay loss issue to Post 2007 Recruits. All the members of SNATTA AP Circle are requested to send their valuable suggestions, neatly compiled, to snattaem@gmail.com & snattachq@gmail.com so that same can be studied and made use of. Please treat the matter most urgent as the time remaining is very less. Please form a group at every SSA and workout suggestions for the same and forward it to the Wage Erosion Committee formed by SNATTA CHQ so that same can be suggested to the Wage Erosion Committee formed by Corporate Office.

25-Jul-2013:- The verbal communication with the CS of NFTE AP Circle
The Circle Advisor and the Dist Secretary Shri Naresh Vallakati had a meeting with the CS of NFTE, AP Circle on 24th July 2013 during the Dharna Progarm of NFTE at Circle Office, Hyderabad and discussed the issues of concern of the DRTTAs of AP Circle. The CS of NFTE AP Circle has assured his full co-operation and expressed his committment to DRTTA cadre on all the pending issues. He also confirmed it that the results of LDCE for JTO are pending for the report from the Committee formed by AP Circle and assured that NFTE AP Cicle will do everything possible to get the results at the earliest. -- Message from CS, Shri Suresh Kulla, SNATTA AP division.

21-Jul-2013:- Committee Formed To Represent Wage Erosion Issue of Post 01.01.2007 DRTTAs
SNATTA of AP Circle Congratulates Naresh Vallakati for having been elected to represent the wage erosion issue of post 2007 Employees. SNATTA AP pledges its support and co-operation in this regard to Naresh Vallakati, the DS of Hyderabad Telecom Division and the Executive Member of CHQ on 24/7 basis. SNATTA AP circle wishes all the very best in the process. -- Message from CS, Shri Suresh Kulla, SNATTA AP division.

21-Jul-2013:- Committee Formed To Represent Wage Erosion Issue of Post 01.01.2007 DRTTAs
21.07.2013 Regarding Wage Erosion Issue for post 01.01.2007 TTA's: It is decided to form a committee to represent/forward suggestions on the Wage Erosion Issue to the Wage Erosion Committee formed by Corporate Office. The following Executive Members are proposed to be the members of the committee under the leadership of Mr.Anup Mukherjee (Organizing Secretary):- Mr. Naresh Vallakati (Executive Member), Mr. Maneesh K Parameswaran (Executive Member), Mr. RB Singh (Executive Member), Mr. Sunil Gautam (Executive Member)

The committee thus formed will actively participate to compile the data based on the DPE Guide Lines/study of similar issues solved by other PSUs or from any relevant source of information, so that the same can be presented to the Wage Erosion Committee formed by Corporate Office. Other SNATTA CHQ members will extend all the possible help to the committee and guide them through out the process.

In this backdrop, all the members of SNATTA are requested to send their valuable suggestions, neatly compiled, to snattaem@gmail.com & snattachq@gmail.com so that same can be studied and made use of. CHQ requests all its members to actively participate in this process.

17-Jul-2013:- Extension of Superannuation Benefits to Direct Recruits
MOST URGENT Extension of 30% Superannuation Benefits to BSNL Direct Rectuits: A committee has been formed by the Corporate Office to examine the provisions of Superannuation Benefits to all the Directly Recruited Employees of BSNL. In this connection, a letter has been received by our alliance partner NFTE to furnish comments/suggestions to the committee by 22nd July 2013. SNATTA CHQ sincerely thanks the management for coming forward to settle the long pending issue of DR employees of BSNL.

All CC/CP/CS/Members are requested to give their comments/suggestions by 19th July 2013, at snattachq@gmail.com, so that the same can be compiled and sent to our alliance partner, NFTE CHQ, for further forwarding it to the said committee. The information may be based on the superannuation benefits already existing in other PSUs or any such similar entities. The matter may be treated as MOST URGENT.

11-Jul-2013:- A step ahead to solve the wage erosion issue of DRTTAs
Congratulations!!! Consistent pursuance by SNATTA & NFTE(BSNL) yield the results!!!!! Finally, a Committee to study the pay erosion of post 2007 recruited TTA's is constituted consisting of GM(SR), GM(Estt.) & GM(EF). This is the outcome of the meeting of SNATTA & NFTE leaders with Dir.(HR) on 25.06.2013. SNATTA conveys its heartfelt gratitude to BSNL Management.

10-Jul-2013:- Court Case Updates at Hon'ble CAT Hyderabad Today
All the three cases stand postponed to 23rd July 2013 as one Judge of Hon'ble CAT Hyderabad was on leave today

10-Jul-2013:- Minutes Of SNATTA Meeting Held ON 07-07-2013
East Godavari District meeting was held on 07-07-2013 at Kakinada Telephone Bhavan TRC Hall. Minutes of the meeting can be found here. SNATTA AP Circle congratulates the contribution made by the East Godavari SSA.

08-Jul-2013:- Final Hearing of Two Cases at Hon'ble CAT Hyderabad Today
The judgement is reserved on the two cases filed by OJTOs in which the SNATTA AP impleaded.

After hearing to all the parties, Petitioners, BSNL the respondents and the SNATTA AP (Private Party), the Hon'ble Double Bench at Hyderabad CAT reserved the judgement.

05-Jul-2013:- Final Hearing of Two Cases at Hon'ble CAT Hyderabad Today
The two cases filed by OJTOs in which the SNATTA AP team have impleaded are adjourned to 8th July 2013.

The other three cases by filed by OJTOs against the LICE which were also impleaded by SNATTA are listed for hearing on 10th July 2013.

05-Jul-2013:- Final Hearing of Two Cases at Hon'ble CAT Hyderabad Today
The two cases filed by OJTOs in which the SNATTA AP team have impleaded are coming for a final hearing today. The site will be updated in the evening today after the final hearing.

01-Jul-2013:- Update of cases at Hyderabad CAT on 01 July 2013
Two of the Five cases filed against the exam/vacancies came for hearing today at Hon'be CAT at Hyderabad. The case is posponed for final hearing on 5th July 2013.

Two cases filed were filed at Hon'ble High Court of AP on the last vacation bench i.e. on 29th May 2013, seeking a stay on JTO LICE which was supposed to be held on 2nd June 2013. SNATTA wing of AP Circle filed caveat in both the cases. The Hon'ble High Court did not grant any stay. However, these two cases are still pending before Hon'ble High Court of AP. Hon'ble CAT of Hyderabad suggested the petitioners to withdraw from both the cases at Hon'ble High Court prior to final hearing and posted the case for final hearing on 5th July 2013.

01-Jul-2013:- RTIs filed by AP SNATTA.
Three RTIs were filed by the Central Executive Member and the Dist Secretary of Hyderabad Division, Sri Naresh Vallakati, and Eswar YBL seeking the information from DPE regarding 30% fitment and other matters. SNATTA AP congratulates him and TTA Eswar YBL of Tirupathi SSA for their committment towards finding a solution to the wage erosion issue and help CHQ to pursue the case further.

28-June-2013:- 4.0% Increase in IDA
From the reliable sources it is confirmed that there is going to be a 4% hike in the IDA w.e.f. 01 July 2013 thus taking the percentage of DA to 78.9%.

27-June-2013:- Issuance of Orders by CO to defend the cases filed at various CATs/Other Courts
BSNL CO issued a brief for defending the court cases filed by officiating JTOs (Screening Test Qualified TTA's) to quash the notification for LDCE of JTO / Stay over the Result/Regularisation. Click here to view Order Copy

21-June-2013:- An Article about SNATTA and its Existence
Brief History of SNATTA and its struggles.

The SNATTA took birth on 8th October 2006, in the middle of the last decade, to fight the injustice about the vacancies and the promotion aspects of DRTTAs through regular conduction of LDCE for JTO.

The second major issue was the designation. The designation plays a major role in identifying oneself with the organisation.  

The third issue that came up was in the form of wage erosion to post 2007 recruits.

Though there are many other issues like Rule-8 transfers, EPF issues, and few more, the above three demands were considered major issues and plagued the DRTTA tribe for a long time. SNATTA had to move the courts of law to seek justice.

As the struggle that SNATTA continued at the corridors of courts of law, could achieve the first success in the form of LDCE for JTO which was held in BSNL for the first time on 2nd June 2013. Ofcourse, the struggle is not yet completely over.

The designation change became insignificant, though remains in the list of demands, in comparison with the third and most important issue of DRTTAs.. ie the pay erosion of post 2007 DRTTAs.

The association initially tried to resolve it through unions first and then took the route of legal corridors. 

It took almost 7 years through the sustained struggle of SNATTA (few die-hard fans of SNATTA) and with the support of DRTTAs across the sub-continent, to achieve the first victory by getting the LDCE conducted. Without the support from the management and the co-operation of DRTTAs across India, this mammoth task would have been impossible to achieve.

Now, the burning issue of pay erosion is another mile stone that SNATTA has to achieve and SNATTA is doing all its best to achieve this. This task needs support from all the DRTTAs across the length and breadth of India. The Hon'ble CAT, Chandigarh have disposed the case and with a direction to Competent Authority of BSNL to resolve the issue within 3 months. There are almost 2 more months left for BSNL to resolve the issue.

For any target to be achieved, the most important thing is the ability to hold on and observe patience. To achieve any thing in life one has to have the courage to with hold and stand erect against all odds.

To achieve all our targets, we should always strive to come together and find ways and means to impart strength into SNATTA system. Unity is our strength and divided we fall. At the same time, all the DRTTAs must work hard to help BSNL to make a much awaited U Turn and regain its lost glory. It is needless to underline that the future of BSNL is mostly reliant on its younger flock and it is a fact that everyone agrees upon.

It is therefore necessary for the members of SNATTA to observe patience and combat the weakness that deviates us from our goal, and help SNATTA to achieve its targets. Apart from this, it is also very important to make all possible efforts to steer the mighty BSNL back into a most favourable organisation to work for or to work with.

Best Wishes.

Written by TTA KGM Prasad

15-June-2013:- Meeting with CGMT AP Circle
Circle Secretary NFTE AP Circle Sri Anjaiah, Circle Secretary SNATTA Sri Kulla Suresh, Circle President Sri M Sudhir Kumar, District Secretary SNATTA Sri Naresh met CGMT AP Circle and submitted a representation regarding the discrepancies observed in the provisional key and the question paper of LDCE for JTO. CGM AP Circle responded very positively to the representation and assured the team that every possible effort will be made to address the points raised.

15-June-2013:- Discrepancies Submitted to AGM (Recruitment), Circle Office, AP Circle
Circle Secretary Sri Kulla Suresh, Circle President Sri M Sudhir, Central Co-ordinator Sri M Naga Babu have submitted the list of discrepancies to AGM (Rect) today.

SNATTA AP Circle congratulates all its members who have contributed to compile the list of discrepancies and expresses its gratitude to its members.

Every effort was made to bring out all the discrepancies and all possible efforts were made to represent each suggestion forwarded by the members. General Interest of every DRTTA who has taken the examination on 2nd June 2013 was taken into consideration while compiling the list of discrepancies. The exact number of the discrepancies thus submitted are 37 and they include 18 discrepancies from the question paper and 19 discrepancies from the provisional key declared by BSNL. It is once again confirmed that no stone is left unturned and the general interest of every DRTTA is taken care of.

It is learnt that some Hyderabad DRTTAs are of the view that they were to be taken into consideration while compiling the list of discrepancies. It is to be clearly understood that the team of people who took up the task of compiling were of different engineering streams and hence any apprehension that the compilation was biased in any respect may be ruled out. The compilation was purely based on the general interest of each DRTTA and in fact all those who took up the examination on 2nd June 2013. It is once again re-iterated that no stone is left unturned in the process. The process of compilation and the team of people who undertook the said taks had to be isolated from everyone was to ensure that the process was un-biased and was purely in the interest of that very DRTTA who suffered the lowest score.

Immediate Attention - LICE Applicants
It is requested that the following message be spread to each DRTTA of AP Circle for the purpose of producing a consolidated suggestions/modifications to the Key officiallly announced by AP Circle. The last date of submitting any suggestion/modification in this regard is 15th Jun 2013. All the DRTTAs are requested to furnish the following information in respect of the question paper of LDCE held on 2nd June 2013 and the provisional key published by the AP Circle. Please treat the matter most urgent. The information thus received from all the SSAs will be compiled and a final compilation will be submitted to the Circle Office on or before 15th June 2013.

1. Questions that are wrong.
2, Questions which have no answers at all.
3, Questions which have more than one answer thus are amsmalluous.
4, Questions with correct answer with spelling mistakes in the right answer.
6, Questions which are out of syllabus ie. history and world geography.
7, Questions which are above Diploma Standard ie. earlier appeared in any GATE, IES, JTO outside or any Digree level examinations.
8. Questions which are right but the wrong options (answers) mentioned in the key.

While submitting the above information, the SSAs are requested to observe the following important facts:-

(i) Any suggestion put up should be duly supported by a proof from the books referenced by the Colleges/universites.
(ii) Please scan the copy of the proof and send it along with the corection.
(iii) Any such suggestions should be mailed to snattaap@gmail.com preferably.
(iv) It may not be possible for the Circle Office Bearers to acknoledge each message. Please bear with us.
(v) Please do not send the information without any supporting document as it will not be possible to prove our point.

05-June-2013:- Provisional Key for the JTO LDCE held at Hyderabad, AP Circle on 2nd June 2013
Please find the key for the JTO LDCE examination held at Hyderabad on 02 June 2013. Click here to view the same.

05-June-2013:- The key for the AP LDCE exam by T.I.M.E
All the DRTTAs from AP Circle who attended the coaching at the T.I.M.E institution at Hyderabad can login to the site and can find the key for the LDCE for JTO held by AP Circle.

03-June-2013:- 30% Fitment Court Case Update:
The Certified true copy of ORDER for 30% Fitment Court case had been received today from CAT Chandigarh. The main detail are as given therein under:

ORDER(Oral) Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.D. Anand, Member (J)

The O.A. shall stand disposed of with a direction to the Competent Authority (BSNL) to take a decision on the Annexures A-6 & A-7 within three months from today (ie. 08-05-2013).

**The Annexures A-6 & A7 are the detailed representations submitted by SNATTA justifying its demand for 30% Fitment as well as the steady loss in salary and EPF contribution along with other details.

**It is worthwhile to mention that the certified true copy was issued by Deputy Registrar, CAT Chandigarh on dated 29th May 2013 only due to administrative red tape.

**The Order seems favorable and SNATTA expects positive results soon !!

Courtesy - Circle President Punjab

03-June-2013:- Attention all the DRTTAs of Andhra Pradesh Circle:-.
First of all, the Circle Team of SNATTA AP Circle, wishes you all the best in the examination that was held on 2nd June 2013 after a great struggle at the circle level and at the national level too. It is one and all of you have made this examination a reality after a long gap of nearly 13 years. It is not an exaggeration if this LICE for JTO is called as the First Examination for LICE to JTO in this millenium. It is indeed a great day to celebrate as it was the dream of every DRTTA to see that the LICE takes place. It was just possible due to your support and help, else, it would not have been an easy task to achieve and was not an easy goal to reach.

The circle team of AP Circle takes this oppurtunity to congratulate one and all on this occassion, and wishes every DRTTA the "success" in the LDCE.

It is reported from many corners of the AP Circle that some of the questions and answers presented in the said examination were either wrong or ambiguous. Hence it is important to know how many such questions appeared in the said test.

Therefore, it is suggested that all the DRTTAs to meet the university heads or the lecturers of Govt Poly Technics or Engineering Colleges in your locale to look at these questions and find out if there are any misprints/wrong answers/ambiguous answers/speeling mistakes/ or any such issues with the question paper.

Please remember, one incorrect/wrong/ambiguous question could wipe away your 4 wrong answers and you would understand why each question and answer is very important to us.

Please Check for the following:-

1, Collect the wrong questions if any.
2, Collect the questions which had no proper answers if any.
3, Collect the questions which had more than one answer if any.
4, Collect the questions which had spelling mistakes in question if any.
5, Collect the questions whose correct answer had a spelling mistake if any.
6, Collect the out of syllabas question(eg. even questions from 8085 micro processor, question regarding geography of other countries or whatever which deviates slightly from the syllabas).
7, It was mentioned that examination would be of diploma standard. If you feel any question was tough and beyond the standard of Diploma, please try to find whether the same question had earlier appeared in any GATE, IES, JTO outside or any Digree level examinations. You can claim that the question is above diploma standards and get your dues for it.

Gentlemen, please do act fast and do act smart and take the ownership of this exercise and help many in our circle who are on the BORDERS to get a relief from such wrong/ambiguous/out of syllabus questions.

Best Wishes.
AP Circle Team

06-April-2013:- ESM Comrades to apply afresh through proper channel for LDCE.
All ESM Comrades who have crossed 50 years of age, are intimated to apply afresh for the JTO (LICE) through proper channel referring the latest clarification issued by the BSNLCO to avoid any problems as far as eligibility is concerned. Please do attach the copy of the latest clarification with the application. The last date to apply for the ESM's had been extended upto 18th April 2013. Refer this link for clarification.

04-April-2013:- Lunch Hour Meeting at Gowliguda Telephone Exchange, Hyderabad
Lunch hour meeting at Gowliguda Telephone Exchange, Hyderabad addressed by NFTE CHQ secretary A.Rajamouli, GS BSNLES K.Narayana Reddy, CP NFTE M.Parashuramulu, Shri Muttu, DS HTD,NFTE, and our young and dynamic SNATTA CHQ Executive member V,Naresh.
02-April-2013:- Lunch Hour Meeting at BSNL Bhawan, Hyderabad

13-03-2013:-Diploma In Instrumentation.. Clarification Received
Congratulations!!! Consistent pursuances yield the results!!!!! AGM (Pers-IV) BSNLCO with the approval of competent authority, issued clarification that Instrumentation/ Instrumentation Technology is equivalent to the Branches mentioned in JTO RR 2001 for 35% & 15% Quota.SNATTAChq is very thankful to BSNL management, NFTE & all of our active members.This clarification opens the way for all of our Instrumentation / Instrumentation & control Branch Degree/ Diploma holder members for JTO LICE.

12-03-2013:-  ESM & Diploma In Instrumentation.. Urgent Attention
Instructions from CHQ. All the ESM and Diploma In Instrumentation are requessted to urgently process their applications by Tomorrow ie. 13th March 2013 and obtain a receipt. You are requested to submit the applications even if they are rejected. Obtain written proof of submission of applications. Do not worry if they are rejected. Please ensure that the submission of the application is acknowledged at your SSAs. Treat the matter most urgent and complete the process of submission of applications by 13th March 2013. Inform all the affected DRTTAs in and around your area.

10-03-2013:-  ESM Data of AP Circle
A final list of ESM who have sent the data to Circle HQs has been sent to CHQ for further necessary action. You may view the samefrom this link.

09-03-2013:-  Attention All ESM of AP Circle
Please forward the details of all ESM to snattaap@gmail.com for updation and forwarding the same to CHQ. Matter Most Urgent. Data being collected by CHQ to explore all the possible ways to ensure that all the ESM take their LDCE examination to be held on 2nd June 2013. Please use this format for sending the data. Please check this document for the correctness of the data so that the same can be forwarded to CHQ.

Thanks and Regards from KGM Prasad @ 9440603060. Please treat the matter most urgent.

09-03-2013:-  Attention All Diploma In Instumentation and MSc Electronics DRTTAs
Please forward the details of all DRTTAs who are having Diploma in Instrumentation and MSc Electronics to snattaap@gmail.com. Please use this format for sending the data.

08-03-2013:-  Coaching Schedule at T.I.M.E for the outstation batch
Sunday, ie. on 10th March 2013, the introduction classes will start. The reason for preponement of the classes is due to AMAVASYA on 11th March 2013. The introduction class on Sunday will be from 02.00 PM to 04.00 PM. All are requested to attend the class without fail. On Monday, ie. 11th March 2013, the cl the timings of the class wil be 02.00 PM to 08.00 PM. From Tuesday, ie. 12th March 2013, the classes will be from 0830 to 1730 hrs. Subsequent changes will be informed accordingly. All the personnel are requested to bring three passport photographs on the first day for the purpose of attaining ID Cards.

A special request to all the people who have not registered yet to complete the process on Sunday and Monday and attend the classes.

Thanks and Regards from Circle Treasurer Mr. Jella Ramesh and T.I.M.E. Gate Institute Nallkunata Brach. Best Wishes and Happy Stay At Hyderabad.

08-03-2013:-  Important Information to Outstation Personnel attending Full TIme Coaching for LDCE starting on 11th March.
Hostels nearby the T.I.M.E Institute, Nallakunta and Contact Numbers

1.  9392005724 – Balaji hostel – towards RTC Cross roads

2.  9989769991 – Mother Theresa boys and working mens hostel – street no 10/11/12,New Nalla kunta, towards Shankermatt road

3.   9010609498/9908840431 – Janani hostels -– street no 10/11/12,new nalla kunta, towards Shankermatt road

4.  9010004359 - Back side of Shankermatt.

5.  9908840431 - Back side of Shankermatt.

6.  9550343763 – H.M.V hostels –inside hindi mahavidyalaya campus ( FOR WOMEN ONLY)

The address of the Institution (Nallakunta Branch) and the Google Map to have a fair idea of the location.

Bus No. from MGBS - 2 Series or 3 Series towards Secunderabad. Bus No. from Secunderabad Railway Station - 3 Series or 107V. For those alighting at Kacheguda Railway Station, please take an Auto as it is 3 to 4 Km away and roughly 40 to 50 Rs is charged.

06-03-2013:-  Attention ESM of Andhra Pradesh
Attention all ESM. Please forward your details to apsnatta@gmail.com or snattaap@gmail.com in the following format.

Name, DOB, Date of Joining BSNL, Previous Service, HRMS No, Place of Posting, Parent SSA, Seeking Age Relaxation or Counting of Former Service or Both, Mobile No and email ID

This information is urgently needed by CHQ and hence the matter may be treated very urgent.

04-03-2013:-  Coaching for LDCE
The regular batch for LDCE starts today. Those who yave not registered may also join the class today and register today.
06-03-2013:-  Coaching for LDCE
Tomorrow i.e. 01st March 2013 is the last date for registration to the regular batch at T.I.M.E. Please do register immediately to avoid disaapointment as the course may not start on the specified date 04th March 2013 if number of registrations are less. Also there is a possibility of cancellation of regular batch. If you have not been able to register through online or if there is some issue, please contact T.I.M.E and inform the same.

The outstation batch will start on 11th March 2013 as decided. The last date of registration to join the Out Station Batch is 06th March 2013. All are requested to do the registration without wating for the last date.

24-02-2013:-  Coaching for LDCE - Online Payment
1. Click Here to go ahead with online payment
2. *Click on link "**Sign up here"** to generate your Online payment Identification number **(OPIN)**.*
3. *Fill up all the details and click submit to get OPIN and password on your Email Id.*
4. *After receiving OPIN **and password, Click Here again to go ahead with online payment
5. *Enter OPIN Id and password and select BSNL – JTO program from drop down menu and Login*
6. *Check all the details mentioned and select prefered batch and click submit to enter the payment gateway*
7. *Select your card type and fill the details required and click submit. *
8. *If the transaction is successful, You would see a confirmation message and also an email about the payment received. **You are requested to get a copy of the confirmation received when you come for the first class.*
*For any further clarification, please call : (0)7207702848 (MANOJ SHARMA)*

24-02-2013:-  Attention - Ex-servicemen
All the ESM to use the point 9 of AP Circle or Punjab Circle notifications to process their applications. This point is under the heading "SAVINGS" and in the attachment to the notification which produces the RR in part.

It clearly says that all the eligibility conditions issued by govt from time to time are to be honoured by BSNL. Hence, for age relaxation you may use the same.

However, for counting the previous service, this clause may not help much. You may quote the JAO clarifications issued by BSNL in this regard.

It is suggested that all the ESM in your area submit the application forms together so that you can get the same processed without any hurdle. Please keep the Circle HQ informed about the developments.

For relaxation of age iro ESM - Use this document - Age Relaxation Document
For counting previous service of ESM - Use this document - Counting Previous Service
For encountering any question like "You are not a 3 year Diploma Holder" use this document - Equivalent to Degree in Engineering

24-02-2013:-  Coaching for LDCE
The regular batch for LDCE Coaching at T.I.M.E will commence on 4th March 2013 and all the interested candidates for the regular coaching may make their registration payment (Rs. 2000) by 1st March 2013 without fail.

The outstation batch for LDCE coaching at T.I.M.E will start on 11th March 2013 and all the interested candidates for the intense coaching should make their registration payment (Rs. 2000) by 6th March 2013 without fail.

Please make the payment for registration as early as possible to ensure that the classes start on the specified dates. Treat the matter important and take necessary leave in advance for the course.

23-02-2013:-  LDCE Notification by AP Circle
The notification for 35% and 15% LDCE to JTO i.r.o Andhra Pradesh Circle is released. Click here to read the same.

22-02-2013:-  Coaching for LDCE
We will have the batch started on 11th March 2013 for the outstation candidates. However the classes are for the local Hyderabad batch (regular) will start as decided. Please make the confirmation payment i.r.o regular batch immediately. This postponement is due to the delay in the release of LDCE notification in AP.

22-02-2013:-  Urgent Attention Ex-Servicemen
All Ex-servicemen to fill their details in the google docs through the link provided in the TTABSNL, yahoo group. Please do fill in your details urgently. The link can not be displayed here to avoid spam and mis-use of the database. Do inform all the ESM in your area to submit their details. Urgent and Important.

17-02-2013:-  Coaching for LDCE
The seminar at T.I.M.E Gate Institute was held at 1100 hrs and the following are the important points:-

1.   The entire course will be covered by the said institute and the total teaching hours will be 240 hrs.

2.  There are going to be two batches, the first being a regular batch and the second being a full time batch.

3.  The first being a regular batch between 5.45 PM to 08.30 PM and a full length of SUNDAYs and holidays i.e. 8 hours. This course will be started on 28th February 2013 and the registrations to be completed by 25th February 2013. Intially Rs. 2000 to be paid before 25th of February and the rest can be paid within a couple of weeks after the course is started.

4.  The second batch, ie the full time batch will start on 4th March 2013 and the coaching will be for 8 hrs per day with a brek of 15 minutes after each two hours and a lunch break of 1 hour. The registrations to be completed by 28th February 2013 by paying a sum of Rs. 2000 and the rest can be paid within two weeks after the commencement of the course. All such interested candidates should send a Cheque or DD drawn in favour of T.I.M.E Pvt Ltd paybale at Hyderabad posted to the address at the end of this post. Please confirm the receipt of the same from the telephone numbers mentioned

5.  The course material will be supplied fully for the Part A and 80% for the part B as the content of part B is comprising of some elements for which study material has to be freshly created. But all the possible links to the study material will be provided for the rest of 20% and notes will be given during the class.

6.  The total Fee for any of these two batches will be Rs 8000 which can be paid in two parts, the first being a registration amount of Rs. 2000 and the second being Rs. 6000 within a couple of weeks after the course has started.

7.  If there are lesser than 50 students in each batch, the institute may not take up the batch or may have a marginal increment in the fee to be paid.

8.  There can be a refund of the money in case the institution fails to start the course due to lesser number of candidates or if the candidate wishes to withdraw himself before the starting of the course. No repayment will be made once the course has started.

9.  The outstation batch course starting date can be changed if it is not possible to get leave or any other difficulty experienced. However, the Circle Secretary of AP Circle will decide the same based on the inputs to him.

10.  The T.I.M.E Gate institute has even offered online tests for the batch so that the individuals can prepare better for the exam. They have also offered few tests for the entire DRTTA community prior to exams as a goodwill gesture. This test will be purely on few specific dates.

Address and the details of the Contact Person:- T.I.M.E. Institution Hindi Maha Vidyala, Above Oriental Bank of Commerce, Nallakunta, Before Vidya Nagar Chourasta Hyderabad. Office Tele No. 7207702848 Contact Person - Mr. Manoj Sharma, Marketing Executive.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Why T.I.M.Es Gate Institute?

It is the brand name and more over they are the leaders in the entire country for their success rate in IIMs. The best experience for the Part A is something that we can have a guarantee of.

Secondly, they have also been coaching for GATE which has a syllabus that asks more than the syllabus that LDCE expects. Hence it is certain that they can do justice to the coaching.

You say, only 80% for the part B syllabus will be covered in the material given by them? Why not other 20%

The 20% (is a rough estimate) covers some computer topics like C, Pascal, Java Script, HTML and web designing and few areas in communication engineering are to me made from scratch and are also available on the internet. The institution has accepted to provide links to such sites wherein the same can be obtained. Moreover, it is promised by the institution that the running notes will be given in such cases.

Which one is better, the regular batch or the full time batch?

Well, it is an individual choice and the full time is better for the outstation candidates as the entire course time will be 30 full days (8 hours per day) and a little more if needed.

We are not from hyderabad and we want to be there present for the election on 16th April.

Hopefully, the coaching will be completed well before 10th April if the same starts on 4th March. Hence it is the immediate response from outstation candidates that can help us to get the batch started as the required no. of candidates is 50.

Will there be accommodation provided by the institution?

No. There are many private people who are providing the accommodation. Collectively one such institution can be selected. The cost and other details can be had after a week or so that you can be prepared. Hopefully the cost may not be more than Rs. 3000 for the entire course duration.

Is SNATTA AP Circle having any tie up with the said institute or is there any personal favours offered by the institute to the Circle Body?

An important question. No such agreement. It is not a compulsion to join the said institute and you are at liberty to chose your choice of the institution. Please inform us too if you can make a better deal. We can save some money too. This effort is only to facilitate the DRTTA community to make the process easier. Also, it is always good to be together.

How are the class rooms? Are they sufficently ventilated and are there enough facilities for the female candidates?

Very Important question. Yes, the class rooms are sufficiently big and well ventilated. They are clean and match the reputation of the T.I.M.E Institution.

Thanks and Regards from AP Circle Team

17-02-2013:-  Coaching for LDCE
Please attend the seminar, for LDCE coaching at Hindi Maha Vidyalaya Bhawan, Above Oriental Bank of Commerce, I Floor, Before Vidya Nagar Chourasta, Nallakunta, Hyderabad. Contact Number - 7207702848. Please be on time and clarify all your doubts in person.
Thanks and Regards from Treasurer AP Circle, J Ramesh.

11-02-2013:-  The nofitication from CTD.
The LDCE notification of the CTD is out and there are important points in the notification. Please go through the same at this link for full details. Also go through the comments in the message on the site which says "Notification of JTO LICE to be held on 02.06.2013 has been issued in Calcutta Telephones Circle. All TTAs who are eligible are requested to submit the application form as early as possible through proper channel and after that confirm to our Asst. Circle Sec. Sri Sudan Kaity on (9433986593)so that he can accordingly monitor the entire process. If any clarification required kindly send it to our Central co-coordinator's mail id. All ex-servicemen are requested to send their application by attaching the reference of last JAO exam notification whereas it was mentioned regarding the eligibility of ex-servicemen so that accordingly we will take up the matter with staff section ."

11-02-2013:-  Coaching for LDCE
The LDCE notification is about be issued any time. It is the time to get ready with the preparation for the same. The Treasurer, J Ramesh of AP Circle has contacted TIME Gate institution for the coaching of the same at Hyderabad. The Institute is going to conduct a seminar on 17th Feb 2013 at 1000 hrs sharp at Hindi Maha Vidyalaya Bhawan, Above Oriental Bank of Commerce, I Floor, Before Vidya Nagar Chourasta, Nallakunta, Hyderabad. Contact Number - 7207702848. Interested personnel to attend the introduction seminar by the course directors and senior faculty. Please be on time and clarify all your doubts in person. Only interested personnel to be available at the said venue on 17th Feb 2013 at 1000 hrs. Please do pass on this message to one and all of the DRTTA community eligible for the said LDCE.
Thanks and Regards from Treasurer AP Circle, J Ramesh.

05-02-2013:-  Contribution from Guntur SSA towards legal fund
The DRTTAs of Guntur have deposited Rs.8000.00 towards legal fund, in the A/c of G.SRINIVAS ,SBI HYD(GOWLIGUDA) 30117777482. The circle of AP congratulates you. The team work of Guntur SSA is appreciated.

01-02-2013:-  30% Fitment Case Update
Today the case was heard at Hon'ble CAT Chandigarh. BSNL Counsel was having some personal difficulty in attending the court, and hence the case was posted for next hearing. Next date of hearing is 15th March 2013.

01-02-2013:-  Designation Change
A meeting of the Committee for Change of Designation of Non-executives was held on 30-01-13.The Committee unanimously agreed on the new designations for the two cadres viz. RM and TM. The new designations agreed to by the official and staff side representatives are Telecom Assistant for Regular Mazdoor and Telecom Technician for Telecom Mechanic.For the cadres of Sr.TOA and TTA, the designations demanded by the union representatives were not agreed to by the official side. Hence the discussion for change of designations for Sr.TOA, TTA and other cadres will continue

25-01-2013:-  District Conference at Tirupathi
District Conference of Tirupati SSA of Andhra Pradesh Telecom Circle held on 25.01.2013 Sunday at Line Staff Club Room, Main Telephone Exchange, Tirupati. Circle Secretary Sri Suresh and Circle Advisor Sri Prasad presided the conference. There are 53 DRTTAs in Tirupati SSA, 25 members attended the meeting.

Our Circle Secretary, Suresh, SNATTA, AP Telecom Circle explained all information on status of court cases, our various demands etc with lengthy motivational speech for our unity. Sri Prasad garu, Circle Advisor also clarified various queries asked by our members. All the issues related to TTAs were discussed and were clarified by CS and CA, some of them are:-

  • Wage loss to post 2007 recruited Direct Recruited TTA’s
  • Status of court cases
  • Our promotions and JTO internal exam
  • Period of service eligibility for JTO internal exam in future for 2007 DR TTAs
  • Designation change status
  • Transfer issues-Inter circle and Intra SSA transfers, mutual, triangular demands.

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Aim & Objectives

  • To create “esprit de corps” among the members.
  • To get redress of grievances of the members.
  • To coordinate with organizations representing similar category of personnel in other establishments.
  • To organize activities of social and cultural benefits to the members.
  • To deal with such other activities as shall be decided from time to time.
  • Unions

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